Wooden vs Plastic Toys

Wooden vs Plastic Toys, Which is Better for Toddlers?

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Toys are part of a toddler’s development, so you need to choose the right toy. But from the many toys out there, choosing the right toy for your little one is not easy.

Whether it’s the type, model, or purpose of the toy you want to focus on, you still have to consider a lot about its quality and use, including when choosing toys made of plastic or wood.

Whatever you choose, you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both types of materials.

So to make things easier for Mom, this time Thevolume.net has summarized the information on wooden vs plastic toys. Which one is better for toddlers?

Benefits and Advantages of Wooden Toys

Benefits and Advantages of Wooden Toys

There are many features to consider when buying a new toy for your little one. One of them is material. Choosing wooden toys for children is the right thing to do if you want durability, design quality, and simplicity.

Also, it’s a good way to teach children how to be responsible human being who cares about the environment. Apart from that, here are some of the benefits and advantages of wooden toys:

1. Better durability

When it comes to quality wooden toys, one thing is for sure: they are more durable than those made of other materials. Toys are made of quality solid wood and glued together piece by piece.

They won’t break even if your little one decides to test them by throwing or hitting.

The worst-case scenario is that this toy will have a slight dent in it is thrown from a higher than normal height. In addition, wooden toys will not fall apart or break in such a way that it becomes dangerous to play with.

2. Quality design

Another feature that distinguishes wooden toys from others is the quality design. They are made to maintain functionality and look the same for years.

Not only that, some toys made of wood are safe to use in all aspects, including the type of paint and finish used, shape, and weight. Each quality wooden toy also has soft edges and is designed with no small pieces that fall off easily.

So you don’t have to worry, because your little one won’t swallow a small piece or get hurt while playing with a wooden toy in any way.

3. Simplicity

Since this toy is designed with simplicity in mind, your child will have no trouble recognizing any shape. Wooden toys can also expand a child’s vocabulary by learning new terms because there are simple models of cars, trains, and animals that allow your little one to develop faster.

With this in mind, you can easily use wooden toys to practice shape recognition skills, create new games, or stick to conventional playing methods.

Disadvantages of Wooden Toys

Disadvantages of Wooden Toys

Just like anything, wooden toys also have some drawbacks. When you want to give your child a wooden toy, don’t forget to consider the drawbacks. This allows you to know if it is the perfect choice for your little one or not. Here are some disadvantages of wooden toys:

1. Color is easy to fade

Although built to be durable, and fairly impact-resistant, the wood color tends to fade over time and is prone to scratches. This means that over time, this toy will lose its original color and may have some scratches.

This is because the wood is only coated with paint and a protective layer. Once the surface is scratched it will reveal the true color of the wood. However, this would only happen after a long time.

2. Relatively expensive

Wooden toys have great features, and they’re also safe for the environment, but all of that comes at a price. One of the downsides when aiming for this type of toy is that you have to spend more money than other types of toys.

They are considered expensive but never too expensive. So, if you’re ready to spend the extra money to get a toy of higher quality, you won’t mind the price.

Benefits and Advantages of Plastic Toys

Benefits and Advantages of Plastic Toys

While variations of plastic and polyethylene are generally the most common materials used in the toy industry, not everyone likes them. However, plastic toys have benefits that may be suitable for your little one.

If you are looking for detailed designs, realistic looks, and usability, buying plastic toys for your child might be the right choice. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of plastic toys:

1. Detailed design

Whatever the type of toy that appeals to children the most, if it doesn’t feature a detailed design, they won’t approach it. Does this apply to the little one?

If so, you’ll probably like the fact that most plastic toys are so detailed. This can be seen in the engine parts of a toy car, or the simple look of a toy cell phone, plastic makes it possible to add highly detailed products to the toy section.

2. Have a realistic look

Another thing that makes plastic toys so attractive is their realistic appearance. Because plastic can be modified and shaped into just about anything, toys made of plastic usually look like the real thing.

Be it trucks, airplanes, or objects that may not exist in real life, quality plastic toys provide a realistic look that no other toy material can. This is great because it helps children develop creativity, imaginative play, and more.

3. Versatile

Plastic toys have much greater use than toys made of other materials. This is because they are made of several parts that can be removed and put together instead of being made of one.

In this way, children can combine toys to take their play sessions to a higher level. In addition, plastic toys are also practical and offer creative play which is important for developing toddler minds.

Disadvantages of Plastic Toys

Disadvantages of Plastic Toys

Like wooden toys, plastic toys also have drawbacks, which have an impact on children’s health and the environment. So it’s important to know what the drawbacks of plastic toys are, to help you decide on the right toy.

Here are the disadvantages of plastic toys that you need to know.

1. Can contain poison

While most toys made from various forms of polyethylene are non-toxic, some can still be harmful due to a common ingredient in plastics, namely Bisphenol-A.

When toddlers like to put plastic toys in their mouths and bite them, saliva from these materials can cause health problems. So Mom needs to choose the right plastic toys.

This precaution was initiated from the fact that polyethylene compounds have harmful ingredients that can affect the functioning of the internal organs in the developing body.

2. Bad for the environment

It’s no secret that plastic is the most environmentally unfriendly material. Although cheaper, toys made of polyethylene compounds are not easily damaged.

This means that the environment will suffer because it takes a long time for the toy to completely break down. Another drawback is that they are not recyclable.

So, those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic and wooden toys that parents need to know. Regardless of what toys you like, parents still have to look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type of toy.

Both types of toys are great in certain scenarios. So, whether you’re looking for durability, quality design, practicality, or simply teaching your kids to be eco-friendly, you have both options at your disposal.

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