Children Need to Watch Age-appropriate

3 Reasons Why Children Need to Watch Age-appropriate, Parents Must Know

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In addition to reading stories, watching movies with children is a way that parents can do to fill their spare time and also strengthen bonds.

However, watching with children also needs to choose shows that are appropriate for the age of the little one, Mom. This is so that later it will not have a negative impact on their growth and development.

If indeed your little one has continued to watch shows that are not appropriate for their age, we as parents can help explain to them so as not to imitate the unfavorable scenes in the spectacle.

Well, before it’s too late and can have an impact on children’s growth and development, this time will summarize some of the reasons why children need to watch according to age.

The senses are not fully ripe

1. The senses are not fully ripe

Unlike adults, the little one’s sense of hearing is certainly not yet fully mature, Mom. So that the spectacle with a very loud sound is feared to damage the eardrum, and can even scare or traumatize children.

In addition to the sense of hearing, the sense of sight is also another reason why children should watch according to their age. Because shows that are too flashy can also make children’s eyes less comfortable later.

2. Unqualified cognitive development

Although cartoons are intended for children, not all cartoons are good for children, you know. This is because the age of toddlers usually still does not understand the sequence of stories that are conveyed.

For example, in the cartoon that is much liked, namely Tom & Jerry. Although this cartoon is quite entertaining, there are some quite aggressive scenes such as fights that should not be witnessed by toddlers.

3. Can be easily absorbed by children

Not only colorful pictures that attract children’s attention, every sentence spoken in the show can also be easily absorbed by them, Mom. Even though the child actually does not understand what is meant, this can be imitated by children in the future.

For example, when children watch shows with bad or harsh sentences, they can absorb and imitate them to say to others later. Of course things like this do not want to happen to your little one, right?

Age-appropriate viewing categories

That’s why in general the impressions on the screen are divided into three different categories, namely:

  • All Ages (SU) category, shows that are child-friendly but still under parental supervision.
  • Teenage category (R), ranging from 13 years and over.
  • Adult Category (D), from 21 years old and above

In addition, the division for age is now even more detailed so that children can watch shows that are appropriate for their age, Mom. Here’s the division:

  • 13+ is intended for children who have entered a minimum age of 13 years.
  • 17+ is intended for children who have entered a minimum age of 17 years.
  • 21+ is intended for children who have entered a minimum age of 21 years.

These are three reasons why children need to watch according to their age. Make sure your little one has watched shows that are right for their age, this is also for maximum child development.

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