What is Nunchi Parenting

What is Nunchi Parenting? Korean Parenting Style

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Have you ever heard the term nunchi parenting? The word nunchi itself is a Korean language which is the concept of reading other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Furthermore, this nunchi parenting refers to a concept that is more than just politeness and empathy. But teaching their children to have emotional intelligence that is no less important than academic intelligence.

So, what exactly is nunchi parenting? Launching from various sources, here Thevolume.net summarizes more information regarding the South Korean style of parenting.

The meaning of the word “Nunchi

The meaning of the word "Nunchi"

According to the book with the same title, “NUNCHI, The Art of Reading Other People’s Minds and Feelings”, the word nunchi itself means “eyesight”, or the art of clairvoyance in assessing the thoughts and feelings of others to create harmony, trust, and closeness. .

As the title suggests, Nunchi is an art in understanding what people think and feel with the aim of improving the quality of relationships in life. If summarized simply, the concept of nunchi can make it easier for others to act according to the conditions that occur.

By predicting the right attitude at the right time, this will be a way to build good relationships with others, and make it easier to work together in the future.

Benefits of applying the concept of Nunchi

Benefits of applying the concept of Nunchi

More than just courtesy and empathy, the concept of nunchi also requires an important point in the form of speed. So that parents can hone the ability to understand firsthand what their children are thinking and feeling.

Having the ability for years to observe the Korean entertainment market, this has made the country of ginseng one of the most famous entertainment centers in the world, even in Indonesia.

It can be concluded that the concept of nunchi itself has many benefits that can be felt also in the parenting style of parents to their children. For example, you can observe how children grow and develop better to support intelligence both academically and socially.

Nunchi parenting practice

Nunchi parenting practice

Korean parents usually start teaching their children the concept of nunchi when they are three years old. Because they believe that the good habits that are taught can stick with their children until they grow up.

The concept of nunchi in the practice of parenting can be related to manners or the way a person behaves. So that when children break a delinquency at their age, parents will remind them to have the concept of nunchi in their lives.

Because this nunchi parenting will help parents to educate their children to be good individuals and can respect others. No wonder this concept is also widely applied by parents in various parts of the world.

Implementing nunchi parenting can also help parents shape their children to be more prepared for overall success. When children are trained to observe their surroundings wisely, they will be able to make the right decisions for a more successful and happier life.

So, it is not only academic intelligence that parents need to teach their children. Social intelligence to continue to do good and respect each other like the concept of nunchi is also important to teach for a better future for your little one.

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