6 Ways to Treat Dandruff in Toddlers

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There are many reasons why children’s hair can also have dandruff. Some are using the wrong shampoo, some are because their heads are dirty and too damp.

However, dandruff is annoying. Children will often scratch their heads and end up with sores on their scalp.

For Mama to know, the signs of a child with dandruff include having an itchy scalp, dandruff or dry skin on the head, and dry skin lumps in some areas of the head.

While the cause could be too often or too infrequently using shampoo, or because the weather is too dry. In addition, it can also be due to eczema, or exposed to sunburn on the head.

Then, how to get rid of dandruff in children? Here Popmama.com summarizes it for Mama.

1. Combing before washing hair

You can comb your little one’s hair before rinsing it. The goal is to reduce the amount of dandruff on his head.

That way, dandruff can quickly get out of the head so it doesn’t pile up.

2. Use oil on children’s hair

Use oil on children's hair

After combing it, Mama can use baby oil to reduce dandruff on her head. Apply oil on his head and massage gently.

After that, let it sit for a while. If you see a lump of dandruff that has not come off, Mama can massage it until it comes off.

You can also re-comb your little one’s hair to reduce dandruff after the head is oiled.

3. Wash your little one’s hair

One of the causes of dandruff in children’s hair is the use of unclean shampoos. When shampooing, there is still shampoo left on the head and that is one of the causes.

Using baby shampoo is very useful for reducing natural dandruff on a child’s head. This is because baby shampoo tends to be easier to rinse than other shampoos.

Make sure to wash the child’s head thoroughly until all the shampoo is no longer on his head, yes, Mom.

4. Use a child-specific dandruff shampoo

For more severe cases of dandruff, you can look for a special dandruff shampoo for children. To be more comfortable, Mama can first consult with the Little One’s doctor.

When shampooing with this special shampoo, leave the shampoo on your little one’s head for at least 2 minutes. In this way, the shampoo can simultaneously work to heal and get rid of dandruff on the head.

If your little one does have the potential to continue to have dandruff, then it is very important to maintain a normal pH in his head. One of them by using the right shampoo.

Also avoid the child’s scalp from being too oily. Mama can wash her head periodically but not too often.

5. Doing the right shampooing and drying process

One of the causes of dandruff in children is a scalp that is too dry or too moist. If it’s too dry, you can wash your hair while massaging your scalp. In this way, the skin becomes more moist and dandruff can be shed from the skin.

Avoid using conditioner because it can cause dandruff again for children who have a scalp that is too moist.

In addition, dry the child’s hair in detail so that it is not damp and causes wet dandruff in the little one.

6. Use anti-fungal lotion

If your little one’s dandruff is caused by a fungus, then you will most likely get an anti-fungal scalp lotion.

This lotion is also sold over-the-counter in pharmacies, but see which one is most appropriate for your little one’s age. Side effects if wearing the wrong one can aggravate the condition of your little one’s scalp.

Once you have dandruff, you are likely to get dandruff again. Therefore, it is very important to regularly wash your hair, not too rarely or too often.

Meanwhile, if you have dandruff because your child’s scalp is too dry, you can give baby oil and massage it regularly.

Here are some ways to get rid of dandruff in children that you can apply.

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