Ways To Get Children To Take Medicine

8 Effective Ways To Get Children To Take Medicine

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There is nothing more worrying than seeing the condition of your beloved mother who suddenly becomes ill.

When this happens, Mom will definitely try to get her body back to normal by taking her to the hospital for further examination and getting medicines that can cure her.

Unfortunately, we certainly realize that young children like moms tend to be reluctant to take medicine simply because it tastes bland or bitter.

Unmitigated, this reason is able to make your little one often show a clean attitude and refuse to take medicine firmly.

Of course, this gives its own difficulties for Mom who is increasingly restless about her physical condition that is not in good condition.

Don’t give up and despair, Mom! There is always a way to get your child to take medicine that can help Mom at Thevolume.net.

Reporting from the Everday Health website, a pediatric expert from Cleveland Clinic Children in Ohio, United States, Kimberly Giuliano, MD. Provides 8 recommendations for ways that are considered effective to encourage your little one to take medicine.


Consult a doctor

Above all, you must take steps to solve the problem of your child having difficulty taking medication by consulting the doctor who treats your child.

A doctor who knows all the best medically to provide the help your little one needs in this matter.

One of them, when consulting, Mom is advised to seek a doctor’s approval regarding the administration of drugs that can be adapted to the condition of your child who does not like certain types of drugs, whether syrup or tablets.

In addition, Mom can also ask for consideration from a doctor to give a type of medicine with a pleasant taste on the tongue if this is possible.

If not, Mom can go on to seek a doctor’s advice on the best way to help your little one to want to take medicine.

The doctor will definitely help you with a safe solution for your little one’s body condition.

Give an easy-to-understand explanation

One of the reasons why your little one often doesn’t want to take medicine is because your child doesn’t really understand how drugs that are foreign to him work.

Therefore, Mom is recommended to explain in advance the use of the drug and its effects if she does not take it.

Use simple words with a logical explanation style so that your little one can understand.

For example, Mom could tell her, “This medicine will make you feel better so you can play in the park again. If you don’t take it, you will stay sick and rest at home.”

This will give you an idea of ​​how the drug works. As a result, your little one will be compelled to take the medicine even though he doesn’t like the taste or is just afraid to take medicine.

Ups, Mom don’t forget to explain how to take the right medicine, okay!

Show a positive attitude

When your little one shows an attitude of constantly refusing to take medicine, this is very frustrating for Mom, right?

However, Kimberly Giuliano, MD strongly emphasizes that Mom does not show a frustrated and exhausted attitude.

The reason is, that a negative attitude will make your little one even more cornered and feel forced so that he will be cleaner and harder to refuse.

Therefore, you must remain calm and patient in persuading your young child.

This method will soften her heart to want to give in and trust Mom that she will be fine while taking the medicine.

Give him his favorite thing

Mom’s child’s refusal to take medication can be classified as a form of emotion and feeling that is afraid of drugs. Either because of the bad taste of the drug or other reasons that make him sure not to put the drug in his mouth.

Therefore, Mom is recommended to calm her little one’s feelings by giving her favorite objects, such as toys or robots.

This is said to make the little one feel safer taking medicine. To be more effective, Mom can hold your little one’s hand when he wants to feed the medicine into his mouth.

So he gets a real accompaniment from his and Mom’s favorite toy.

Combine with food

Since the bitter taste of the medicine is always the main reason why your young child is reluctant to take medicine. The Mom is advised to combine it with food that is familiar to his tongue.

If your child’s medicine is in the form of tablets, Mom can combine it with small pieces of white bread.

Then, Mom can quickly give warm water drinks for your little one to swallow safely.

If the medicine given by the doctor is in the form of syrup. Then Mom can combine it with water after your little one drinks the syrup.

This will make the flavor he doesn’t like fade away quickly.

Distract your little one

One way that is said to be very effective in getting your little one to take medicine is to distract him.

In other words, you are advised to make your child not focus that your little one will take medicine.

There are several options. First, Mom can play her favorite songs or turn on the television to show her favorite cartoon to distract her eyes.

Then, encourage your little one to open his mouth and that’s where you can put the medicine in his mouth.

In addition, Mom can also distract her by pretending that she will give her favorite food from a different direction.

And when your little one opens his mouth to want to eat the food he receives. Mom can put the medicine in his mouth and give water for the little one to swallow.

Make it a game

There is nothing more fun than playing with Mom for your little one.

Therefore, Mom is advised to create a cool atmosphere when she wants to give medicine to her little one.

The trick is to make the routine of taking medication that has been set by the doctor a time to play “doctors” with your little one.

Of course, Mom becomes a doctor and the little one becomes a patient who will later be given medicine. This will prevent him from thinking that what he is doing is actually taking medicine even though he realizes that the “medicine” he is taking is indeed bitter.

Give gifts and compliments in appreciation

Mom certainly understands very well that your child is just like any other child who always expects a gift from his beloved Mom.

These gifts can be in the form of favorite foods, favorite objects, or compliments from Mom who flatters them.

Therefore, make sure that Mom always gives gifts as a reward in the form of these things after the little one manages to take the medicine.

This will encourage him to want to do the same to get the prize he likes.

Well, now, Mom doesn’t have to worry anymore when her little one is sick and has to take medicine, right?

You see, Mom has been able to make sure your little one wants to take medicine so he can recover quickly by doing 8 ways so that children want to take the medicine above. Good luck, Mom!

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