Ways to Deal with Questioning Children

6 Ways to Deal with Questioning Children

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Toddlers who are already 2 years old are sometimes small talkers. Even though it’s not clear when they talk, they are toddlers’ curiosity is so extraordinary that it makes parents often confused by a series of questions.

But don’t be surprised, Mom. This is a natural thing, especially at the age of toddlers. He who is just learning to speak is usually more active.

Child development experts also state that children aged 1 to 3 years are in the phase of forming cognitive abilities.

This means that here is the Little One is very interested in the world around him. He has a great curiosity about his environment. So that children often ask about things they find interesting.

Then how do you deal with a child who likes to ask questions? Here Thevolume.net has summarized it. Check it out below, Mom!

Pause for a moment to think carefully before answering the child's question

If the questions asked by the child are difficult, try asking for more time

Little ones not only like to ask trivial things, but they sometimes also often ask unexpected things. For example, the contextual questions are about adult problems.

If indeed the question given by the child is difficult to answer, then ask the child to give additional time. Or you can also look for answers together so that children feel they are still involved in it.

Choose the right vocabulary for your little one

When children reach the age of 1-3 years, they begin to be filled with great curiosity. This is sometimes a difficult consideration to be able to answer this question.

It is not surprising that parents should be able to think of simple and easy-to-understand language by choosing the right vocabulary. If it feels wrong, the little one will continue to ask questions so that the questions that have been answered seem unanswered.

Pause for a moment to think carefully before answering the child’s question

Sometimes the response of parents will vary. Some answered straight away, but some were more cautious. It’s okay to pause for a moment when you want to answer your child’s questions. This pause process is to help Mom to be able to answer it carefully. So that the answers given by Mom can be understood by the Little One.

Don’t prank your little one with answers that don’t make sense

Parents sometimes also have other traits, there are parents who are wise but some are humorous. Not infrequently even their children are often bullied through the unreasonable answers that are thrown. Even though this is not the right thing to do, Mom. Because this can make children feel cheated and treated badly.

Don’t scold them, because they are always curious

Often your little one has a series of unfinished questions. Even the things that are beside or around them can be used as questions. Mom, you have to be patient.

Sometimes there are not a few parents who are immediately annoyed because their children don’t finish asking questions. But don’t be upset or annoyed about it either, Mom.

The reason is, that scolding children and ignoring children’s questions can have a bad impact on their development, you know. This will affect the ability of the child’s brain to lose self-confidence.

Change the mindset about the hassle of answering children’s questions

You should try to change your mindset about answering your child’s questions. Remember that Mom has been in their shoes before. Understand that all “Why” questions are indeed the developmental process of the child. Therefore, Mom must understand yes!

So, those were some of the ways that Thevolume.net has summarized how to deal with children who like to ask questions. If Mom there is another way, you can type it in the comments column below, Mom!

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