Tips for Overcoming Babies Often Surprised at Sleep

5 Tips for Overcoming Babies Often Surprised at Sleep

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Some babies often suddenly startle during sleep. This condition can make Mama feel worried. However, this condition is common in infants aged 0 to 6 months.

Baby shock or known as Benign Neonatal Sleep Myoclonus (BNSM) is a jerky movement made by the baby for two to three seconds.

When startled, babies will generally raise their hands suddenly. When he calmed down, he would lower his hands back and place them to his sides.

You need to know if the baby’s shock is different from the symptoms of epilepsy or seizures. Surprised baby movements only occur when the little one sleeps, not even related to nervous disorders.

Even though it is categorized as a normal condition, the condition of a shocked baby is still worrying for Mama. Therefore, Mama can do five tips as summarized by to deal with babies who are often startled while sleeping.

1. Avoid swaddling the baby too tightly

Swaddling the baby too tightly can interfere with the little one’s sleep so that the baby can startle during sleep. But that doesn’t mean you can’t swaddle the baby, right? Mama can still do it because the baby feels comfortable like in the womb when swaddled.

When swaddling, Mama should use a soft cloth that is not too thick so it doesn’t block the baby’s movement during sleep. Keep the baby’s neck and head open while the baby is swaddled.

2. Putting the Little One next to Mama

So that your little one feels safe and comfortable while sleeping, then try to keep his body next to mama. Not only that, Mama can also hold her or carry her until the little one falls asleep.

When you want to put it on the bed, avoid any sudden movements or jerks. This condition can startle the baby and wake him up.

3. Wake up baby

If your baby is startled during sleep, you can gently wake him up. If you don’t have the heart to wake him up, then calm the baby by rubbing the baby’s chest or head. This method can make it easier for the baby to continue sleeping.

4. Massage your little one

The shock in the baby is caused by him not being able to enjoy his sleep because he is afraid or uncomfortable with his environment. Gentle massage can be used as an alternative to improve the quality of your little one’s sleep. Mama can gently massage the baby’s feet, hands, chest, and back before the little one goes to sleep.

5. Keep baby away from shock triggers

Before putting your little one to sleep, make sure the room is quiet and comfortable. Keep your baby away from items that make loud noises, such as televisions, cell phones, or radios. Loud noises can startle the baby while sleeping.

Also pay attention to the baby’s comfort such as the condition of the diaper. Don’t forget to change the diaper every 3 hours because the dirt that has been stored for a long time in the diaper can cause discomfort to your little one.

Those are some ways to deal with babies often startled during sleep. With age, the baby’s movements have begun to be directed so that there are no more jerky movements during sleep.

At the age of seven months, generally the baby’s movements are often startled to begin to decrease. If your baby is still often startled when he is more than six months old, then you should immediately see a doctor to get the right treatment.

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