Right Age To Start School For Each Child

What Is The Right Age To Start School For Each Child

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It’s that point of year again, once the noticeboard outside your native primary school is probably going to scan “Enrol your child for kindergarten/prep now”. however however does one apprehend what the “right” age to begin school is?

There’s variation within the ideal age to start school for every child, as a result of it’s not merely concerning the readiness of the individual child. It’s conjointly about the family context and therefore the readiness of the school for that child to start. In different words, what happens at school once the kid gets there is additional vital than their age.

The ‘Right’ Age to Begin School in Australia

Since the Australian programme was supported in 2015, there has been in progress speechmaking concerning whether or not there conjointly ought to be a homogenous school beginning age. however across Australia, the cut-offs for starting school are still varied:

School starting age cutoffs for prep/kindergarten across Australia

SA and Tasmaniafour-and-a-half on January 1
Victoria and ACTfour turning five by April 30
WA and NTfour turning five by June 30
NSW and Queenslandfour turning five by July 31

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At freelance schools, the counseled starting age could vary however again. once parents scan media reports of educationally winning countries (such as Finland, Danmark and Sweden) wherever kids start school aged seven, the question of the “right” age becomes even additional confusing.

Queries Parents Will Raise to Choose The Correct Age

A review of the analysis on school transitions was revealed recently by Australian researchers. It shows that whereas there are totally different theoretical approaches taken to framing school transitions, six ideas are common: readiness, relationships, transition activities, teaching methods, power, and policy.

In respect to these six concepts, and drawing on in progress research, here are some key queries parents can ask to see whether or not to send kid to school this year.


  • However will the preschool/school outline readiness?
  • Are there explicit sorts of knowledge, skills or skills kids are expected to possess before beginning at that school?
  • What are the social and emotional skills expected in several contexts, equivalent to throughout whole category activities, in operating severally, once working in tiny teams or within the playground?

Oldsters will replicate on their child’s and family’s needs, and the way like minded these are to a school’s definition. kids are typically needed to more and more self-regulate, focus and participate independently in an exceedingly vary of activities during the primary year of school.


  • What’s the standard and nature of my child’s peer friendships? can they need friends beginning at an equivalent school?
  • However will the school work with families and native community to determine and develop robust relationships?

Relationships are key to kids developing a way of happiness within their new school.

Transitions activities

  • What formal and informal programs and activities are in situ to assist children and families settle into school, in the year before school starts and through the primary year?

These concentrate on serving to the child and family brace oneself for school, moreover as for the school to arrange to fulfill your kid’s needs.

Approaches to teaching and learning

  • Will the school emphasise a play-based program, or is there a stronger tutorial focus in kinder/prep?
  • What acquirement and skill skills and information does the actual school anticipate a “typical” kinder/prep student to begin and end the primary year with?
  • What are a number of the teaching and learning ways employed by category academics to have interaction totally different students (for example, kids with disabilities)?
  • However structured is that the schoolroom setting within the 1st year of school? what’s expected {of kidren|of youngsters|of kids} in an exceedingly typical day?
  • Is there preparation in the first year of school and what will this involve?

All primary academics have skilled information that prepares them to change and adapt their teaching and learning to suit wide-ranging student needs. Asking these queries ought to facilitate parents decide if their child is suited to the approaches that usually featured in teaching and learning programs at that specific school.


  • Are there opportunities for kids to participate in decision-making processes within the schoolroom and at school (for example, is there a student council)?
  • However will families get entangled and contribute to programs at the school and in the classroom?

Primary schools sometimes see themselves in partnership with parents in every child’s education. several schools look for ways in which to meaningfully involve the kids themselves and therefore the parent community.


  • What school-based policies are there to guide choices which will enhance the educational of my child?

Whereas actually not exhaustive, these queries will give a basis for conversations you may have inside your family and with infancy educators at your child’s preschool or child care moreover because the school’s principal and kinder or preparation teachers.

The Australian programme assumes students can start school by the time they need turned six. that the learning outcomes within the 1st year of school are written to suit “typical” learners of this age.

However age is merely a crude indicator of the “right” age to begin school for any child. Social, cultural and other discourse factors explicit to your family and therefore the school are as vital because the dispositions, traits and desires of individual children.

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