Teach Children Toilet Training

7 Ways to Teach Children Toilet Training so Mom Stays Patient

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As the child gets older, the child’s abilities also develop. One of them is the ability to control urination and defecation. Even so, children still have to be taught how to toilet train.

How teach children toilet training at home can be started from the age of 24-27 months. At this age, children are usually able to control bowel movements which are marked by uncomfortable facial expressions when they want to defecate, even being able to express it directly.

The following Thevolume.net summarizes tips on how to teach children toilet training so that Mom stays patient:

Familiarize children with the toilet

Familiarize children with the toilet

How to teach children toilet training so that Mom stays patient, the first thing you need to do is get your child used to the toilet as a place to defecate and urinate. Even if the child doesn’t seem to understand, explain continuously the function of using the toilet in daily life.

Be an example

The most effective way to teach children toilet training is to be an example to children. For example, when Mom wants to pee, take the child to the toilet and show them what activities they do when urinating.

Using the potty

For very young children, moms can train children to toilet training using a potty. Invite children to choose their favorite potty. Then place and use the potty only in the bathroom so that the child’s mindset is formed that urinating only in the bathroom, not anywhere else.

Using the child’s toilet seat

In addition to the potty, Mom can also provide a child’s toilet seat that has been specially designed so that it can be installed in a regular toilet. Let children choose their toilet seat with their favorite character so that they are more enthusiastic about learning toilet training.

Wear clothes that are easy to put on and off

During the toilet training period, you should wear clothes that are easy to put on and off by the child independently. This is because children are still learning to control their ability to defecate, so they need comfortable and practical clothes to wear.

Teach children how to use the toilet

It is important to teach children how to use the toilet, including:

How to take off and wear outerwear and underwear
How to sit on the toilet
How to clean the genitals after urinating
How to clean urine and feces that are clean and correct
How to wash your hands after using the toilet

Make it a routine

One of the keys to success in teaching your child toilet training so that Mom stays patient is to make this activity a routine. From an early age, Mom can take her child to the toilet every time she pees. Thus, children have an understanding that defecation should only be done in the toilet.

In addition, make it a habit every 30 minutes-1 hour to invite children to sit on the toilet to defecate or urinate. Bring along a favorite toy or book so that the child does not get bored.

Teaching children toilet training does need a process. However, with the tips above, hopefully, Mom gets enlightened on how to teach toilet training children so that Mom stays patient.

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