Teach Children to Talk Effectively

10 Ways to Teach Children to Talk Effectively

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One of the important developmental stages of your little one that you need to pay attention to is the speaking stage. As a parent, sometimes you can’t wait for your little one to speak fluently.

To speak fluently, your little one needs a lot of practice. It takes a long time for your little one to speak fluently. Therefore, the support and role of the people around are needed in this regard.

Making a child speak fluently is not as easy as it seems, but Mom still has to be patient in teaching her little one. To help Mom practice her little one’s speaking skills, check out Thevolume.net review on how to teach children to speak, below.

Often invite your little one to talk

Often invite your little one to talk

Even though your little one can’t respond yet, he can absorb the words he hears from the people around him. So that when the time comes for your little one to start talking, he can imitate what is said by the people around him.

When chatting with your little one, Mom must use good language and words as they should, don’t be misled or made up to make it look funny.

Although not perfect when speaking, your little one still tries to imitate what he hears from the people around him. So if the sentence we say is not the right sentence, then those words will be absorbed by the little one.

Point to nearby objects

When you walk with your little one, try to point to objects around you, for example, ‘this is the clock’, ‘this is a chair’, ‘this is a book’, and so on.

If the child has started to speak fluently, make the words into a question, for example ‘is this kit? (pointing to a chair) let the child continue the word.

If he answered incorrectly, then repeat the original sentence again. If it’s still wrong the second time, then Mom needs to correct it.

Although the child does not yet understand the meaning of the objects pointed to, he can store memories of these objects until he understands it himself.

Minimize viewing time

Some parents may not realize that letting their children watch videos regularly for a long time can cause speech delay. This can happen because your little one only gets one-way interaction.

Especially if your little one just watches videos alone without the help of other information from the people around him. This can make your little one think that real communication is just one-way communication where your little one only receives information without needing a reply.

Mom should accompany your little one when he watches videos on gadgets or on television. Also, explain to him what he is seeing on the screen. With this, your little one still gets two-way interaction.

Sing together

One of the activities that children like is singing. There are many benefits that can be obtained by your little one when singing, one of which can help him speak fluently.

Singing your little one will also be easier to remember words because singing is not only done once or twice but is repeated every day. That’s what makes it easy for your little one to remember words.

Practice your little one’s knowledge by asking him for help

In addition to asking your child questions, asking for his help to get things can also train the child’s ability to remember words. In other words, this is a means of proving to your little one that he understands what his Mom has taught him all this time.

Don’t forget to always say the magic word, namely sorry, please, excuse me, and thank you. By repeating these words, gradually your little one will imitate the habits that are often done by their parents.

Use name

When interacting with your little one, make it a habit to say names. That way he will memorize the people around him.

For example, Mom wants to go to the bathroom first, okay? or don’t cry, Mom will buy you ice later!

If you are used to saying names, then when it’s time for your little one to speak, he can say the names of the people he sees.

Involve your little one in Mom’s activities

Another way that can be done to train your little one’s speaking skills is to involve him in several activities that Mom will do.

For example, when Mom is about to cook, ask your little one what he wants to eat. If your little one doesn’t respond, give him a choice, such as if you want soup, meatballs, or fried chicken. This way, your little one will remember the names of the foods that you often cook.

In the speech development stage, your child can absorb the words spoken by the people around him. Therefore, to support your little one to speak quickly, the people around him, especially his family, should not be passive.

Respond to all the words that come out of your little one’s mouth

Your child may not be able to pronounce words perfectly. But if a chatter or two comes out of her mouth, Mom must respond by justifying her words.

For example, when your little one cries and says ‘ma’, then Mom can respond with ‘yes, Mom, what’s wrong?’ By repeating this, the words spoken by the child will get better day by day.

The word Ma can be Mom. This proves that your little one can pick up on the words he often hears from those around him. Therefore, when with your little one the people around him must use good language.

Use gestures when speaking

When Mom points at objects around, don’t forget to use a pointing hand gesture to make it easier for your little one to understand.

For example, Mom points to a flying bird, saying ‘there’s a bird. Mom also shows the bird using Mom’s hand. This can help your little one not to misunderstand words.

If you say ‘that’s the bird above’ without pointing at the bird, then your child may assume that the cloud, kite, or plane is a bird because they don’t know which one you mean.

Invite your little one to play

Inviting your little one to play together can encourage your little one to be more active in thinking, speaking, and responding to things. There are many things Mom can teach your little one while playing together.

For example, introducing your child to the colors in objects, introducing objects that are used to play. Mom can also use flashcards to enrich her little one’s vocabulary.

You can train your little one’s memory by asking questions about the objects that you have taught before. Do this repeatedly to enrich your little one’s vocabulary.

That’s it, Ma how to teach children to speak. In this case, Mom must be patient in teaching her child, don’t be in a hurry. Let your little one recognize and enrich vocabulary through the objects around him.

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