Teach a Child Who Is Afraid to Walk

How to Teach a Child Who Is Afraid to Walk

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At the age of 12 months, the baby is generally able to walk alone, although there are some children who are still afraid and must be guided by their parents. But Mom does not need to worry, because the development process of each child is different.

There is no specific benchmark regarding the age at which a child can walk smoothly. This is because children who are late for walking can also be caused by several external factors, such as the use of baby walkers that are too frequent.

A child who has not been able to walk smoothly can also be caused by a child being afraid of something, for example when a child walks on grass, a child walks on the sand, and so on.

So that your child can walk smoothly and not be afraid anymore, here Thevolume.net provides some tips on how to teach a child who is afraid to walk. Come on, take a look!

Walk barefoot

Walk barefoot

When your little one learns to walk, try not to wear shoes. This aims to provide stimulation to the little one’s sense of touch. Make sure the surface your little one steps on is safe and there is nothing dangerous, Mom!

Some parents believe that getting children used to walking on grass that is exposed to morning dew can help children to walk quickly. However, this cannot be confirmed.

Walking barefoot can help your little one’s sense of touch become more sensitive. If he wears shoes, his sense of touch will be closed because of the intermediary between the skin and the surface.

Lure children to pick up toys and items

One of the tips that are often used by some parents so that their children run smoothly is to use the inducement method.

Put things in a place that is a bit high, to lure your little one to stand up. Keep things out of reach of the little one, so that he has an effort to walk.

By using this fishing method, your little one will indirectly be more ambitious to take the toy. Even though he had to walk against his fear.

Ask your little one to walk over to Mom

In addition to using the fishing method, Mom can also stimulate your little one to walk smoothly by asking him to come over to Mom.

Make sure the distance between Mom and your little one is a bit far, let him walk or run to get to Mom.

If your little one makes it to where Mom is standing, give her appreciation for what she has done to make her more confident.

Remove the child’s walking aid slowly

To train your little one to walk, you can use items you have at home, such as a chair or a small table with wheels. With these objects, your little one will indirectly push him while walking.

To help it run more smoothly, remove the tool a little at a time. If the child usually holds the object in the middle, slowly back the child’s hand until he only holds the end of the object.

Don’t compare children’s abilities

Each child’s abilities are different. Therefore, do not compare your child’s abilities with their friends. Comparing children’s abilities makes children not confident.

If your child is not walking smoothly compared to their friends, you need to provide more support to your child so that he is more enthusiastic about practicing.

Minimize the use of baby walkers

Basically, the baby walker was created to practice walking. However, long-term use of baby walkers can also have an unfavorable impact on your little one.

The use of a baby walker that is too long can make children lazy to walk. Your little one will get used to using a baby walker to walk everywhere because it is easy.

To train your little one to walk smoothly, Mom can use a push walker or use objects at home. With these objects, children will get used to standing.

Give encouragement to the little one

Giving confidence to your little one that he can walk is one of the simple things that you can instill. Some children doubt his abilities, therefore he needs someone to convince him.

In addition to giving confidence, Mom can also train the child’s walking ability by giving him a ball. Ask your child to chase the ball. Unconsciously he will run in the direction of the ball.

Those are some tips on how to teach a child who is afraid to walk. Do more exercise, then over time, the child will get used to walking without assistance.

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