Take Care of Toddler Skin

How to Take Care of Toddler Skin, Doctors Begin to Require the Use of Sunscreen

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Mom must have understood and knew very well that baby’s skin is very thin, so it is super sensitive. Therefore, you must be very careful in choosing various products for your little one.

Especially if it comes in direct contact with the skin. Starting from selecting clothing made from soft, safe disposable diapers or diapers to skin care equipment.

At the event held by Pondok Indah Group Hospital at Penang Bistro Pakuwon, Jakarta, dr. Suksmagita Pratidina, Sp.DVE explains health and skin problems of all time. Including a discussion regarding the steps to take care of the skin of a five-year-old baby (toddler).

Next, Thevolume.net conveys how to care for toddler skin according to the advice of a dermatologist. Listen to the information carefully, Mom, and Dad!

1. Problems that often arise in toddler skin

Problems that often arise in toddler skin

dr. Gita revealed that the condition of human skin will change with age, hormonal influences, climate, and immunity. The hormonal influence in question is the effect due to the production of sex hormones.

In women affected by the hormones estrogen, progesterone, and androgens. While in men because of the hormone testosterone.

This condition does not apply to toddlers because new sex hormones are produced during puberty. So, the baby’s skin is still natural.

Although not yet influenced by sex hormones, your little one still has other challenges. Skin problems in babies, including:

  • Thin skin,
  • Easily lose body fluids or easily dehydrated,
  • Minimal skin color (pigment) and melanin which protects the skin from UV rays, and protection from heat
  • Low NMF or Natural Moisturizing Factor, which is the property of attracting and retaining water which helps maintain hydration in the stratum corneum.

From the “natural” condition of the baby’s skin, it turns out that it can have an impact on the skin if it is not maintained optimally. The effect is:

  • Low resistance (less resistance) to bacteria, viruses, and so on
  • Sensitive to the environment, chemicals, germs, and exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Baby skin is easy to dry

2. Focus on treatment to maintain your little one’s skin barrier

At the age of toddlers and even up to 12 years old, your little one’s skin is still very sensitive and has not been affected by sex hormones. That way, skin problems are not so complex. dr. Gita said skin care for toddlers focuses more on maintaining the child’s skin barrier or the top layer of the skin.

So, in childhood, the treatment is limited to the epidermis of the skin. The goal is to keep the skin barrier healthy so that it can protect the skin optimally.

Furthermore, dr. Gita suggests choosing skin care products that have a light formula. This means it contains minimal chemicals. This is because toddler skin is still sensitive and avoids allergies and irritation.

In addition, this skincare emphasizes skin hydration and skin protection from exposure to UVA and UVB rays and germs. Several products to maintain the skin barrier of toddlers, including:

  • Use of gentle cleansers
  • Apply and choose a moisturizer that contains ceramides
  • Regular use of sunscreen every 3-4 hours

3. Dermatologists recommend that toddlers use a physical sunscreen

Dermatologists recommend that toddlers use a physical sunscreen

Who just found out that sunscreen or sunscreen should be used when children are toddlers? It turns out that one of the basic skin care products has been used when your little one was six months and older.

This dermatologist who graduated from the University of Indonesia recommends using physical sunscreen for toddlers and children. Physical sunscreen protects the form of outer protection. according to dr. Gita, there are several advantages of physical sunscreens over chemical sunscreens, namely:

  • Physical sunscreen does not absorb into the skin so it is safer for toddlers’ skin.
  • Its nature is outer protection so that a little chemical absorbs a little.
  • Safer for sensitive skin like toddler skin.

While the lack of physical sunscreen is sticky and causes a white case. So it is less neat and less comfortable when applied to the face. Use sunscreen on parts of the body that are not covered by clothing, Mom.

Apart from physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, there is a type of sunscreen in the form of a spray which is considered more practical. Unfortunately, Dr. Gita argues to avoid using spray sunscreens for toddlers and children.

The reason is that they are worried that children will inhale it when applied to the face and body. In addition, children who have sensitive skin tend to have a vulnerable respiratory tract.

4. The benefits of using sunscreen in toddlers

The benefits of using sunscreen in toddlers

dr. Gita likens sunscreen to daily nutrition for the skin. Especially for toddlers whose skin conditions are very sensitive so they need additional protection. Use sunscreen on your little one at the same time to minimize environmental influences that can affect the health of his skin.

Besides that, there are several benefits of using sunscreen on toddlers, you know:

  • Children’s skin becomes stronger because the epidermis is protected to the maximum.
  • Avoid sunburn when children play outdoors!
  • Minimizing the child’s skin becomes dry

That’s a review of how to care for toddler skin according to doctor’s recommendations. The three must-have products are cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Choose skincare products for toddlers according to skin type, age, and skin susceptibility, yes, Mom.

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