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8 Skills Children Must Have to Become a Winner in the Future

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Technological developments make life more advanced today. This makes the competition in the fields of education and works increasingly high and tight. Until finally, many parents in the world are worried about the future of their children.

This situation makes parents begin to equip their children with various kinds of knowledge and abilities to help them become winners in the future.

However, seeing the advances in technology and the internet should make Mom aware that the provision of skills for today’s children may be different from children in the past. Because the challenges and the environment are much different.

Therefore, to help answer this problem, Nutrilon Royal together with several child development experts and also pediatricians developed the stimulation of 8 winning skills that must be provided to your little one so that they are ready to face competition in a very tight and fast future.

Mom can apply this stimulation to children since they were born, you know!

“So that children can have a winning spirit who is confident in facing future challenges, as The Winning Mom, we need to stimulate early, especially optimizing the sensitive period, namely 0-8 years of age by providing the right stimulation,” explained Saskhya Aulia Prima, M.Psi., as Child & Family Psychologist and Co-founder of Three Generations.

What are the 8 Winning Skills? Check out the following summary of information, Mom!


If children have good attention, it will make it easier for them to absorb information during the learning process. Thus, your little one will also be able to easily manage and understand the information and can follow directions or instructions appropriately.

There are various ways you can do to improve the ability to pay attention in children. However, each age certainly has a different way, don’t let it go the wrong way and cause your little one to be dizzy and confused.

Here are some ways you can do at home to stimulate the ability to pay attention to your little one according to his age:

  • Always make eye contact when your child is talking or showing something.
  • Give them games that require a lot of attention such as puzzles, lego, folding origami paper, arranging pictures, tongue twisters, and so on.
  • Give appropriate instructions using language that is easy for your little one to understand. Then the table returns whether your child has understood the instructions or not by asking him to repeat Mom’s instructions.


Focus is the ability to focus on something that is happening. For example, Mom’s child is studying, he is very focused on listening to the material the teachers explain.

If you have a good focus, your child will absorb information to the maximum and do things well so that they can achieve their goals in the future.

For this reason, it is very important to train children’s focus from toddlers. However, that doesn’t mean Mom invites your little one to concentrate for 24 hours straight. Mom can train the focus of children aged 4-5 years for 15-20 minutes.

There are several ways to stimulate children that you can do, such as the following:

  • Enough sleep. Rest is very important for all ages, including children. Adequate rest can help children focus more on their activities.
  • Do some brain teasers. For examples crosswords, puzzles, drawing and coloring, moving the ball according to the container, and others.
  • Repeat instructions and similar activities until your child understands. For example, teach children to fold blankets neatly. If the child can do the task according to the instructions given, it is a sign that he has focused on paying attention to the information that Mom has given and practicing it well. The sooner your child understands, the sign is the higher the ability to focus he has.
  • Brain exercise. For example, by doing gymnastics with the opposite body movement. For example, holding the right foot with the left hand. This activity can maintain mental health and stimulate brain function.
  • Meditation. Focusing and thinking on an object. For example, invite the child to sit quietly in a room with the sound of serene music. During meditation, Mom and baby take a deep breath and exhale. This activity will make the body relax and the mind more focused.


Memory ability is also very important in the learning process. Good memory, able to make children remember the material that he learned and did.

For example, your child becomes good at speaking a foreign language after watching a movie, can do his homework well on his own, can be polite to others according to what he has learned from Mom, can solve a problem, and many others.

To stimulate this memory ability, Mom can ask your little one to tell stories about their daily activities before going to bed, conclude what he has learned at school, retell storybooks that he has read or read to you, and play picture matching games.


Stimulation of language skills means that your child can express what he is feeling. For example, say if his teeth hurt, want to eat because he is hungry, and so on. If your child has good language and speaking skills, it will make it easier for the Mom to accompany him to grow and develop. Because Mom knows what they want.

There are several ways you can do to improve your child’s language skills, namely:

  • Invite children to talk regularly.
  • If you are one year old, ask your little one to follow or repeat what you said.
  • Give your child easy questions. By answering, it means that your child is practicing his language.
  • Read a storybook. When children can speak, they can ask them to tell stories freely according to the pictures in the storybook.
  • Invite children to play on the playground so they can communicate and socialize with their peers.

Some of the stimulation of language skills above can make your child have a lot of vocabulary and end up good at speaking.

Psychomotor (Psychomotor Abilities)

Psychomotor is an ability related to physical activity and is related to the psychology and mentality of children. So, these psychomotor abilities are related to thinking and body movements.

This makes your little one recognize every part of his body and can express himself more freely.

Examples of activities that can stimulate psychomotor abilities are:

  • Practicing locomotor movements or moving from one place to another. For example, running, walking, melomlad, and so forth.
  • Train eye coordination skills with other body parts such as catching balls, kicking balls, throwing balls, arranging lego or disassembly toys, doing all kinds of games on the playground, and so on.
  • Train the ability to control the body, such as balance by standing on one leg, the ability to start and stop the child’s movement, and others.


The next ability needed by children to become winners in the future is the ability to think logically or logically to make decisions.

This ability is needed because there are many things that your little one has to do alone without being accompanied by Mom. For example, when he is at school, he wants to pee, so he will do permission from the teacher in his class and go to the toilet. Another example, while studying, some lessons require logical answers such as math story problems. For that, children need to have logical skills in themselves.

To stimulate this logical ability, there are several ways that you can do with your child, for example:

  • Explain all the reasons for the activities carried out by the child. For example, we have to eat so we don’t get hungry, we have to take a shower to keep our body clean, and so on. This can make children think about cause and effect.
  • Ask children about simple things. For example, “What kind of food do you like? Why do you like that food?”
  • Invite children to travel nature and get to know new things.
  • Give the child the game to complete the mission. For example, playing puzzles, blocks, getting out of the maze, and so on.


In addition to thinking logically, thinking according to reason is also very important so that your little one becomes a winner.

Reasoning ability helps your child to start understanding something new, complete an activity well, evaluate himself, and express himself more freely.

Without good reasoning, your little one will find it difficult to gather information. Reasoning skills are needed to understand and build your little one’s thought processes. Therefore, reasoning skills are needed.

To stimulate your reasoning abilities, you must always be ready to explain every reason for an activity/phenomenon that occurs. For example, why does your little one have to wash their hands before and after eating, clean up their toys before going to bed, go to school, and so on?

Decision (Making a Decision)

When your child succeeds in thinking with logic and reasoning, then he will be able to make decisions for every problem in his life and become a winner in the future.

Mom can train children to make small decisions based on her analysis. This trains your little one to think before acting, be familiar with failure, and not give up easily until they get a good solution.

There are several ways to help stimulate decision-making abilities in children, such as:

  • Teach your child to decide something simple. For example, choosing a toy to play with, determining a food menu, and so on.
  • Explain the consequences. If the decision made is wrong, then your child will have to bear the consequences.
  • Do not be angry with your child if the decision he made was wrong. Help them find their mistakes so they don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.

In addition to stimulating children with the abilities above, Mom also has to pay attention to the health of the little one’s body. Don’t forget to give them enough rest every day. Because practicing skills that are done continuously will make them tired and can become sick.

The nutritional intake and nutrition that Mom needs to pay attention to optimize the process of stimulating the ability of the Little One.

Some of the important nutrients needed are FOS: GOS, Omega 3, Omega 6, and DHA. These four things can help the cognitive development process of children.

For this reason, Velan Sormin as Brand Manager of Nutrilon Royal said, “As a tangible manifestation of Nutrilon Royal’s support for Moms, we also present growth milk enriched with FOS: GOS which has been clinically proven to help increase immunity and Omega 3, Omega 6, and DHA is good for your little one’s cognitive development.”

Now is the time for Mom to take care of and provide the best nutrition for children and stimulate the abilities of the Little One. Cheers, Mom!

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