Silent Disease in Children

Silent Disease in Children, An Asymptomatic Disease That Needs to be Watched

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Children are still susceptible to disease because their immune system is not too strong. Diseases suffered by children can vary, ranging from harmless to worrying.

Generally, the disease suffered by children can be known through the symptoms and characteristics experienced. However, did you know that some diseases do not cause symptoms but fall into the category of diseases that are quite worrying?

Asymptomatic diseases that are often experienced by children are commonly referred to as silent diseases. Children who suffer from this disease do not cause any symptoms, even though they can still eat in normal portions.

Then, how do you know that your child has a silent disease? For further explanation, see review regarding silent disease in children, below.

Definition of Silent Disease

A silent disease can be defined as a disease that does not cause specific symptoms. People with this disease will look like normal people, where the little one remains active, healthy, and cheerful, but does not gain weight for two months in a row.

Stagnant weight can be a possibility for a child to have a silent disease. Even so, not all children’s weight problems are triggered by silent disease, Mom!

In adults, these silent diseases can be in the form of cancer, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and others.

Silent Disease that Often Affects Children

Some diseases that can trigger silent disease include:

1. Iron deficiency anemia

Iron Deficiency Anemia (ADB), is a disease of iron deficiency in the body of children. This disease is generally found in late infancy to early childhood.

Iron is a source of energy for muscles, so it can affect physical endurance. IDA in children can be caused by a lack of iron intake from the food consumed by the mother during pregnancy or the lack of iron consumed in childhood.

2. TB

Tuberculosis or TB is an infectious disease caused by a bacterial infection. This disease will generally attack the lungs, which makes the sufferer cough continuously.

Tuberculosis in children can occur when a child accidentally inhales the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria in the air. The bacteria then stay in the lungs and can spread to other parts of the body

3. Urinary tract infection

Urinary Tract Infection, or UTI, is a condition when bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra. Not only enter the urinary tract, but bacteria can grow and spread to other organs such as the kidneys.

Causes of urinary tract infections in children can vary, one of which is not maintaining cleanliness in the genital area or urinary tract.

How to Overcome Silent Disease

The type of silent disease in each child is different. Therefore, the handling is also different. To ensure the child’s condition, you should consult a doctor so that your child gets the right treatment.

But to keep your little one’s body fit and avoid various types of diseases, Mom can adopt a healthy lifestyle, by doing the following things:

  • Drink water regularly as recommended
  • Consume fruit and vegetables
  • Ensure hand hygiene before and after eating
  • Doing exercise regularly

Symptoms of Silent Disease and the Right Time to Go to the Doctor

The silent disease can affect diet. However, children who suffer from the silent disease do not always experience GTM or the movement to keep their mouths shut. Some children have eaten in a good pattern even with large portions, but the weight remains stagnant.

You need to pay attention if your little one aged 8-9 months has a good diet, but the weight and height don’t go up or stagnate for 2-3 months and don’t get sick.

If this continues for the next several months, then you need to take your little one to the doctor and ask the doctor to check his condition further.

That’s a silent disease in children, an asymptomatic disease that needs to be watched out for. Your little one’s weight has been stagnant for several months, don’t take it lightly, Mom!

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