Red Spots on Children's Skin Without Fever

6 Red Spots on Children’s Skin Without Fever, Recognize the Cause

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Baby skin is more sensitive than adult skin. Therefore, parents must take extra care of the baby’s skin health. Starting from giving special baby powder to choosing clothes with soft materials.

What are the consequences if the baby’s skin health is not paid too much attention to? The risk of red patches on the skin of children without fever can occur.

Red spots or rashes are often experienced by children. This condition is not too dangerous but makes the baby uncomfortable.

Although it does not pose a serious risk. However, parents should not allow or ignore red patches on a child’s skin without a fever.

The reason is, that the red spots will get worse and can cause other health problems.

For this reason, parents must know the symptoms and causes of red patches on their child’s skin without fever. So, parents can take appropriate action as a treatment.

Well, here has summarized the types of red spots on a baby’s skin without fever and their causes. Come on, see the reviews.

Diaper Rash

Red patches on a child’s skin without fever can be caused by diaper rash. Usually, red patches are sore and warm. As a result, the child feels uncomfortable.

In addition, diaper rash causes red spots. Sometimes accompanied by pain.

If this happens to your child, use a red spot reliever. Generally, this drug is available in the form of a cream and sold in pharmacies. Ask the pharmacist about painkillers and red patches in children, yes.

Baby acne or erythema toxicum

As reported by Medical News Today, red patches on a child’s skin without fever can be caused by baby acne or erythema toxicum.

The signs of red patches on the skin of children without fever are fairly large spots with a red, yellow, or white color.

These red patches may disappear, but also reappear on parts of the body such as the face, upper arms, and thighs.

Some patches also appear to contain pus. However, patches due to baby acne are not caused by infection, yes.

One thing is for sure, this condition is often experienced by newborns. The treatment does not even require medical treatment

Red patches on a child’s skin without fever can heal on their own. However, the healing process takes a long time, around a few weeks.


Unlike baby acne, red patches on a child’s skin without fever can be caused by a fungal infection.

This infection is known as ringworm. This skin disease is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact with the sufferer.

The use of the same personal items as the sufferer also causes the transmission of ringworm.

Symptoms of red spots due to ringworm are the appearance of patches with red edges. The shape is similar to a ring, but the surface is scaly.

These patches may not be painful, but they can be very itchy. So, the child will try to scratch the part of his body that is affected by ringworm.

How to handle it, by applying antifungal drugs according to a doctor’s prescription.

Prickly heat

Red patches on a child’s skin without subsequent fever are caused by prickly heat. This is the most common cause of red spots in children.

As reported by Medical News Today, prickly heat is a red spot or rash accompanied by itching. These patches can appear all over the body surface.

Some parts of the body that often experience friction will also be easily affected by red spots, such as the thighs, armpits, and neck.

The chances of children getting red spots are higher when the weather is hot and humid. However, the child’s condition will improve when he does not feel hot anymore.

The way to handle it is quite easy, give the child thin clothes so they don’t feel hot.

The reason, prickly heat occurs is because the sweat glands can not come out properly. This causes the sweat glands to become clogged and build up in the outer layer of the skin.


Red patches on the skin of children without fever are then caused by eczema or atopic dermatitis.

It’s one of those red patches that causes itching. The possibility of children will experience eczema from childhood to adulthood. However, eczema is not a serious skin problem.

There are various causes of eczema. Starting from heredity or genes, immune system disorders, to irritation or allergies.

Well, the cause of eczema in children is atopic eczema. Eczema usually grows on the elbows, neck, ears, or behind the knees.

No less important to know is that eczema can not be cured. Parents can only provide moisturizers to relieve eczema triggers.

An example of a moisturizer is applying natural oils.


The last cause of red patches on a child’s skin without fever is acne. Not only adults, children, or babies can also experience acne, you know.

Pimples can grow on the cheeks, forehead, or nose.

Acne in children aged 1 year can not be known with certainty. However, experts say that acne is influenced by genetic factors. So, there is a genetic inheritance from parent to child.

Meanwhile, children aged 7-12 years who experience acne could be due to quite a lot of androgen hormones in the body. If this happens, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor, yes.

If the acne is still normal, treat the skin by washing your face regularly. Thus, the skin remains clean. If necessary, apply a moisturizing cream to the child’s skin.

That’s the kind of red spots on a baby’s skin without fever and its causes. As long as the red spots don’t bother the little one too much, parents just need to provide simple treatments, such as applying creams or moisturizers and adopting a healthy lifestyle for children.

However, if the red patches are accompanied by other painful symptoms, take your child to the doctor immediately for a medical examination.

Hopefully useful, yes.

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