Parenting Tips for Children Under 5 Years Old

5 Important Parenting Tips for Children Under 5 Years Old

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After being blessed with children, parents will continue to learn to provide good and appropriate parenting styles for their sons and daughters. However, for some new parents, parenting is often a challenge.

Actually something like this is natural to happen, Mom. Because parenting itself does not have a special education that teaches it, so we can only learn it from our previous parents. In fact, the development of times and parenting from year to year certainly experience differences.

In order not to be confusing and to help Mom take care of the little one, here has summarized 5 important parenting tips for toddlers.

Be a good example for children

1. Be a good example for children

The term that says that children are great imitators may have often been heard or read by you. This is true, Mom. Children see and imitate what they see from people around them, including parents who are always there for them.

So when Mom and Dad want to make your little one intelligent from an early age, try to be an example first. Not just teaching them various kinds of knowledge from an early age, but don’t let children see that their parents are just lazy.

So, make sure we as parents can be an example of the good things we want to instill in them, Mom.

2. Teach not beat

The purpose of teaching instead of beating is to continue to teach children what things are good and bad for them, not to physically beat children because they don’t want to obey their parents.

At toddler age, it’s natural for children to continue to explore and become increasingly difficult to manage. Although sometimes it makes Mom angry because of their misbehavior, pay attention not to hurt the child’s feelings and physically because of the anger, Mom.

Teaching children means we want to instill good things in them. If you forbid your child to do something that is not good for the child’s future, don’t forget to give a clear reason so that the child understands and does not fight back in the future.

3. Educating children must be based on love

As we all know that children under the age of 5 years are their golden phase to always learn and be curious about something that makes them interested. However, some parents still prohibit and scare their children.

For example, when the little one wants to play in the rain, Mom forbids it on the grounds that the child will get sick later. Or when he wants to play with mud or dirt because he is interested in the texture, Mom also forbids him because it will pollute the child.

In fact, parents should let their children explore something that interests them. Forbidding or even frightening children at this age can actually have a bad impact later on.

For that, what needs to be done is to always instill love and affection in providing care and education to children. Guide and let him develop according to his interests.

4. Discover your child’s talents and interests

Still continuing the child’s interests, the next thing you need to do is find out what talents or interests he likes. When their talents and interests are seen, then facilitate children to develop their preferences.

For example, when you see your little one likes to do doodles or draw, try to accompany the child to do fun drawing activities by giving him books and drawing tools that interest him.

If he gets older he feels bored and is no longer interested in drawing, don’t force it anymore, Mom. Because children are in the process of deepening and exploring things that interest them.

Toddlers tend to be more curious and have a high curiosity, so continue to accompany and provide support. Don’t kill your child’s curiosity just because you don’t like what your child likes. Make sure we as parents know the talents of our children so we can help develop them.

5. Always accompany the child

In addition to babies, children at the age of toddlers also really need the role of parents to accompany them. At this age, children will learn many things that play an important role in their future lives.

For that, we need to give lots of attention and affection so that children feel valued for their existence, and also the bonding between each other remains strong until they grow up.

Even though you are often busy with work, don’t miss your child’s development time, Mom. Because educating and accompanying children in a state of joy and sorrow is our responsibility as parents.

Those were some parenting tips that parents can do to their children at the age of toddlers. Hopefully the information above is useful and can be applied in providing care for your little one at home!

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