Overcome Children Who Like to Scream

Hold Emotions, Here Are 7 Ways To Overcome Children Who Like to Scream

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How often do you hear your little one screaming, either at home or in public? This of course can make Mom feel overwhelmed to the point of frustration.

While screaming is a natural part of feeling processing in young children who are still stuck in communication, it can also be one of the most ear-piercing stages.

This is why it is important to find out the cause and find a way to deal with it. Because it can not only stop the habit of screaming at toddlers but also overcome the headaches that parents often feel.

Before discussing further how to deal with children who like to scream, here Thevolume.net has also prepared what causes toddlers to scream. Let’s see!

Why do Toddlers like to Scream?

Why do Toddlers like to Scream?

Whether you realize it or not, yelling is a great form of communication, given that toddlers still have very few words to use.

Toddlers use screaming as a way to try to convey what is needed to parents.

Not only that, as reported by BabyCenter, there are several reasons why toddlers will scream. These reasons include:

1. Needs attention

Toddlers tend to scream if they think that their parents are not paying enough attention, or that they need something from their parents.

When shouting can attract attention, your little one thinks that this is the right form of communication.

2. Experiencing strong emotions

Compared to older children and teens, strong emotions are something new to toddlers’ experiences. Therefore, if your little one is frustrated, angry, sad, or the like, he may scream as a result.

At this age, toddlers also don’t understand the right vocabulary to describe what they feel. So shouting is the only way out to convey the feelings you have.

3. Enjoy himself

Yelling can also be a sign that your toddler is having fun. And the more fun you have, the more screams your child will release.

Mom doesn’t need to worry, because screaming is a phase that will pass, especially after the toddler has understood his feelings.

However, before that, parents and toddlers must work together to find the right way of communicating, so that the child gets what he wants in a more acceptable way.

How to Overcome Toddlers Who Like to Scream

How to Overcome Toddlers Who Like to Scream

When your toddler screams, it can be difficult for you to think clearly. But in the midst of this commotion, there are some useful tactics to stop a screaming toddler. Here are some ways that Mom can apply:

1. Give the child attention

If you feel your little one screaming for attention, leave whatever you are doing and sit down with him.

First, acknowledge his feelings. Then ask him what help he needs and why he decided to scream.

Try to help him instead of yelling or yelling at him. Gently, make your little one understand that he can’t always get attention all the time and shouldn’t scream for it.

2. Looking for a quiet and quiet place

Often there are incidents where your little one is constantly screaming in public. Is it because you are hungry, sleepy, or asking to buy a certain toy.

If your child is constantly screaming in public and it’s overwhelming you, try to find a quieter, quieter place where the screaming isn’t being noticed.

By avoiding such incidents, children can calm themselves while avoiding embarrassment. Then slowly help the child to reduce the tantrum behavior.

This tactic may not be an instant solution. But in this way, children can learn to manage their emotions and find a comfortable place where they don’t scream all the time.

3. Help toddlers practice their communication skills

Remember, your little one is still practicing their communication skills. So, ask the child to calmly tell Mom what is wrong,

When this happens, you may also need to take on the role of a detective, asking for possible causes of your child’s screaming.

For example, “Are you angry about the falling block?” or “Would you like to eat an apple?“.

When your child has calmed down, help him practice the words: “Can you say, “I’m mad?” instead of screaming? or “You’re hungry

4. Divert the child to another thing or activity

If your toddler suddenly gets angry and screams to vent his anger, don’t panic or get angry yourself.

Instead, distract him from something else or another activity, which will make him forget why he was crying in the first place.

An invitation “Let’s just sing” or “Would you like to dance? Let’s dance!” which is simple, can at least help in such situations.

Therefore, try to play an active role in this activity, at least until the child calms down and returns to his previous behavior.

5. Answer gently

Every time your little one screams, remember the “the louder he screams, the softer your response” tactic.

If you speak softly, your child will eventually match the volume to your voice, because he wants to be involved.

When your child gradually stops tantrums and shows an improved temperament, don’t forget to give praise.

Talking softly when emotional is a positive behavior that you want to reinforce in your child, right?

6. Turn screaming into a game

Mom may be wondering how to turn toddler screaming into a game.

This may be the “noisiest” method but it works best when you and your child are in private.

When your toddler is screaming, try to indulge his need to make a sound, by saying, “Let’s scream as loud as we can” and join him in the shouting.

After that say, “Now, let’s see who is the best at speaking slowly“.

Take advantage of this moment to play with your children. You can play games like ‘Simon Says, where you can add moves like jumping up and down or moving your hands.

When a child wants to play together, he will automatically be distracted from his desire to scream.

7. Give your child some space

Sometimes, a child just needs to let go of his emotions. So it’s important to refrain from engaging in yelling or arguing with children.

Give your child space to let his feelings out, calm down, and regain control of himself. Just make sure that he can’t hurt himself and stay away from things that could harm him.

So that are 7 ways to deal with children who like to scream. The key is to stay calm and not lose control! So stay strong, analyze the cause, and try to help your child through it.

Also, show affection, check that everything is okay, and move on to the next step to calm the child down. How do you calm your little one who likes to scream?

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