Overcome Children Not Defeating a Week

7 Ways to Overcome Children Not Defeating a Week

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Ideally, children defecate (BAB) every day. There are even children who defecate 2 times a day, and that’s normal.

Then what if the child does not defecate in a week? Don’t panic, Mom. First, you need to know what causes your child to be constipated and have difficulty defecating.

Constipation can be caused by a child lacking fiber or the type of food given is different from what he usually consumes.

Lack of water can also cause constipation in children. Therefore try to always give about 6-8 glasses of water a day to your little one.

So that Mom doesn’t feel restless, here Thevolume.net has summarized how to deal with a child who doesn’t have a bowel movement for a week.

Massaging the stomach

Give vegetables and fruits

If your child is a model who likes to be picky about food, this time try to persuade your child to eat more vegetables and fruits, Mom.

Give apple, mango, carrot, guava, broccoli, papaya, or banana. Give is the amount just enough, no need to overdo it.

Vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber can help children quickly defecate.

Give cereal

Whole grain cereals from brown rice can launch bowel movements in children. Give it as a breakfast menu to make it easier to defecate.

Replace milk

If your little one consumes a certain brand of milk, try switching to another brand, Mom. Consult a pediatrician to find out if constipation in children is influenced by the milk that the child has previously drunk.

Your little one can be sensitive so there is a reaction to milk even though it’s the brand he usually drinks.

Have the water needs been fulfilled?

Pay attention to how much water your little one drinks in a day. Lack of fluids can make it difficult to pass stool.

If your child likes soupy vegetables and still drinks milk, at least they need to drink 5-6 glasses a day.

Massaging the stomach

Doing a massage on the child’s stomach using coconut oil can help make him feel more comfortable.

Gently massaging for 3-10 minutes can help stimulate bowel movements. After that, bend your legs until your knees are slowly pushed towards your stomach. Straighten back and bend again in the same direction.


Invite children to do sports at home. Choose a movement that involves the child’s waist and knees moving. Like running in place, bending to form a 90-degree elbow or jumping jacks.

If your child feels tired easily, you can also invite him to exercise on his back. Then move your feet like you’re pedaling a bicycle. Do it for 1 minute then rest. Repeat up to 3-5 times.

Give honey

Honey has enzymes and minerals that can affect the health of the digestive tract. Maud also can strengthen the gastrointestinal tract.

Honey can overcome pain, and nausea, and launch a bowel movement. Give one tablespoon of honey dissolved in 200 ml of warm water. Do it an hour before the child eats.

That’s how to deal with children not defecating for a week that Mom can do at home. If the above method does not work then immediately consult a pediatrician.

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