Not Being Able to Leave Your Child Without Saying Goodbye

Get to Know The Reason Behind Not Being Able to Leave Your Child Without Saying Goodbye

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Every family that already has children sometimes has limitations because they have to stay active and focus on taking care of the children. To get out of the house, sometimes some parents have to hide from their children to go out for activities.

Parents leave without saying goodbye and seem to have quietly disappeared, usually done so that the little one does not cry.

This method seems to be considered the best step so as not to trigger fussiness in children at home.

The habit of going secretly without saying goodbye to your little one is often the most powerful weapon.

However, this kind of behavior should not be allowed to continue.

If you’re curious about the reason behind not leaving your child quietly without saying goodbye, this time has got you covered.

Come on, read the information, and try not to underestimate this habit!

Why should parents be honest with their children when they want to leave?

Why should parents be honest with their children when they want to leave?

Mom must also understand that a child’s response to crying is very natural, this happens because children think that parents are always a source of security and comfort.

Telling the truth when you want to go to your child and say goodbye before leaving the house is the best way to do it.

Hiding from your child every time you leave will only make things worse and interfere with future character development.

Maybe Mom is still hesitant to say goodbye to her child every time she wants to go, but keep in mind that this method can foster a sense of comfort and she will not feel cheated by her parents.

Get in touch by explaining to him that Mom has to go outside and will be returning home.

Keep repeating this process and keep saying goodbye every time you leave, so that over time your child will understand and won’t cry anymore.

This form of communication will also help children not feel anxious and afraid of losing their parents when they leave.

Every time you say goodbye, the moment of kissing hands, hugging, and waving to your little one also needs to be applied properly.

This helps make the child feel calmer when left at home.

It seems simple, but the moment of saying goodbye is something that children need rather than being left behind in secret.

Separation anxiety is one of the reasons why children are fussy when their parents leave

The habit of parents who try to leave their children secretly without saying goodbye is done so that the little one does not experience separation anxiety.

Reporting to Psychology Today, separation anxiety is a disorder when a child is too anxious when separated from his parents. This anxiety occurs because of excessive worry and fear in the Little One.

You need to know that children are quite vulnerable to experience anxiety even to the point of separation anxiety. Anxiety due to separation is considered different from the anxiety that occurs in children.

A child who has this anxiety disorder seems unable to think clearly when his parents leave as if he will be abandoned forever.

The little one has excessive fear and becomes increasingly fussy.

Some of the symptoms of separation anxiety felt by children, namely:

  • Has excessive worry and seems to often imagine that something bad will happen to his parents.
  • Refused when invited to sleep because he wanted to be accompanied by his parents.
  • Often have bad dreams because of his fear and enters into a dream.
  • Wetting the bed as a result of having a bad dream.
  • Experiencing tantrums longer than usual due to fear of feeling alone.

How do prevent children from fussing when parents want to leave?

When children become fussy when their parents leave them, it will certainly make Mom not focus on carrying out activities or work.

Even though you have to be honest and say goodbye when you have to leave, Mom also needs to have her strategy so that your little one stays calm without ending up in drama. Understand the child’s character, then make some plans, among others:

  • Always show a calm attitude every time you leave the house. By being calm, the child will not feel anxious.
  • Ask for help from family members or the closest people at home to keep your little one busy while they are left away. This method can be done as a step in diverting the child’s attention so that the little one can stay cool doing their activities.
  • Keep the promise to return soon, to make the child feel more comfortable and calm. It’s just that when you suddenly have to work overtime because there is still a lot of work, you should make a video call and invite the children to discuss. Build the child’s sense of confidence that his parents will be back soon.

With some of these strategies, at least it can help reduce fussiness in your child.

In addition, Mom can also give positive affirmations or words to make her more sincere when left.

Mom will be home later. You’ll be fine while you’re at home.”
Don’t worry, Mom is just a moment and will be home soon.”

Those are some words that can make children calmer every time their parents leave them.

If all methods don’t work and the separation anxiety felt by your little one is disturbing his character development, then it’s best if you need professional help such as a psychologist.

Look forward of course the complaints that occur in your little one will be continued in the next stage of treatment through evaluation and special questions and answers.

That’s some information about the reasons behind not leaving your child without saying goodbye. Hopefully, the tips above can also help calm your little one when they have feelings of fear of losing their parents when they are left away.

Keep the spirit of taking care of and taking care of your little one, Mom!

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