Maintaining the Mood of Toddlers to Prevent Tantrums

8 Tips for Maintaining the Mood of Toddlers to Prevent Tantrums

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Toddler tantrums are a familiar situation to many parents. It is undeniable that this moment when a child has tantrums often makes parents overwhelmed, right?

Your little one may suddenly become cranky, angry, or even tantrum for no apparent reason, and is difficult to calm down. Moreover, if this happens in a public place or when there is an event with many invited guests, Mama can be even dizzier to deal with it.

Therefore, you need to try to prevent your child from becoming tantrums. That is, by keeping the mood or mood first. How to?

Here has summarized 8 tips to maintain the mood of toddlers to prevent tantrums. Let’s see!

Immediately ask the child when he seems less enthusiastic or moody

Immediately ask the child when he seems less enthusiastic or moody

The obstacle for your little one that often makes him tantrum is the difficulty in conveying his feelings or problems. Especially if toddlers do not yet have the maximum ability to speak like older children.

For example, toddlers are actually tired when they walk and want to go home. This can also lead to tantrums. That’s why parental sensitivity is needed.

If your child starts to show a lack of enthusiasm or is moody, there must be an underlying reason. Immediately ask if you see a toddler who doesn’t look happy.

It is possible that there is something that makes him uncomfortable.

Keep your child’s sleep pattern regular

Unlike adults who are able to stop their activities when they feel tired, toddlers often don’t.

He still wants to play or follow his parents for walks, when in fact he is already sleepy. If not stopped, your little one can start fussing, and then there will be an outburst of anger.

So, by maintaining regular sleep patterns, toddlers’ energy is expected to be filed on time to avoid fatigue which makes tantrums easier.

Bring additional toys so that children don’t get bored easily

Apart from being tired, a common cause of tantrums is simply boredom. This may not be a strange occurrence for Mama when in the middle of the event, the little one complains to the parents or asks to go home.

However, because the event was still ongoing, Mama asked the children to be patient. It can also cause toddlers to have tantrums.

To prevent this from happening, always take a few extra toys with you when you travel. Mama can bring toys that are practical to carry everywhere, such as fidget toys, pop-its, or stress balls.

By having activities that make him focus, can make time seem to pass faster.

Keeping the child in a cool place

Although it looks trivial, the hot air the child feels can also worsen his mood and cause tantrums.

Therefore, it is not recommended to wear clothes that are too tight for children during hot weather and avoid leaving them in the sun for a long time.

If this happens, you can bring your little one into the room, and fan him if he sweats. Or, turn on the air conditioner or fan.

If your child’s clothes are wet with sweat, change them immediately to feel more comfortable.

Keep children away from the too noisy atmosphere and lots of people

Being in a long period of time in a crowd can feel suffocating for toddlers. Although children need to be taught to socialize, this also needs to be done gradually, Mom!

When children are small, a calm atmosphere is better for maintaining their mood. The noisy atmosphere and many people, also make it difficult for children if he is tired.

Eventually, the little one can be tired and his mood becomes unstable.

So it is important to keep the child away from crowded places so that he can get a calmer atmosphere and condition his body.

Remind children not to overdo it when playing

Maybe Mama has often found children having tantrums after having fun playing with friends or siblings. A child’s mood can change drastically from cheerful to angry. What’s wrong, huh?

In addition to the possibility that the child is actually already tired, it could be that he is upset because other children don’t want to continue playing so it is difficult to share toys or take turns.

For that, Mama also needs to often remind children not to overdo it when playing. Before the child is too tired, he should rest.

Teach also that sharing is fun. Because every child can try each other’s toys that are new to them.

Maintain the child’s mood with his favorite food

Carrying your child’s favorite foods while traveling can help keep your child in a good mood and prevent tantrums.

This method is most suitable for improving a child’s mood, especially when traveling far because there is not necessarily food that suits his taste while on the trip or at the destination.

Preparing children’s favorite foods, especially when traveling, doesn’t mean you spoil your children with their own choices!

Bringing food must also be limited, aka healthy food, and not excessive after the child’s age.

The assertiveness of parents is also very important in dealing with a child who has a tantrum

After the seven ways above, the firmness of parents when dealing with children should also not be missed. Because if parents are not firm and seem to succumb to the child’s wishes, then the tantrums will be increasingly difficult to stop.

It is possible that his request during a tantrum is even more strange. Instead of always giving in to his every whim, tell your child how to convey the right feelings and messages.

If the request is something that can be postponed, then you can postpone the gift until your child is able to express feelings and messages in an acceptable way.

This can be a punishment for children who are unable to control their emotions. When he finally gets used to managing his feelings well, then gives his wishes as a reward for his efforts.

Now Mama knows 8 tips to maintain the mood of toddlers to prevent tantrums. It is important to remember that not all tantrums in children can be considered normal.

If the tantrums do not subside and are getting worse, consult a health professional immediately. This is important to ensure the presence or absence of developmental disorders in children.

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