Little One Also Needs Me Time

Don’t Always Be Accompanied, Your Little One Also Needs Me Time Mom!

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Being a parent, will certainly make Mom want to always be close to the child, right?

Not only always want to be close to him. But Mom also wants to always be with him when happy or sad.

It’s okay Mom, that’s the instinct of a mother to her child.

But don’t do that to your little one too often.

Although still small, it turns out that he also needs his own privacy. One of them is when it’s me time to play.

Mom doesn’t have to always watch over him and invite him to play with you, you know.

Bonding with your little one is good for their growth and development, but keep in mind that they also need their own privacy so that some of these benefits can be obtained by the little one.

Curious about what benefits your child will get from me-time?

Here has summarized 5 benefits of me time for children!

More confident and happy

Not only socialization that can make him happy and confident.

In fact, me-time is also a powerful activity to increase self-confidence and grow happiness.

With quality me time, for example when he is playing unloading pairs, then the attitude of confidence to finish the game can be trained.

If he successfully completes the game, then it is not impossible that feelings of happiness and pride will arise in him.

Creating creativity

Let’s take the same example as above, when the little one is playing unpacking alone, then his creativity will be very honed when he has to play unpacking with other friends.

Well, now Mom has started to realize the importance of me-time for children?

Provision of social independence

Some children are happy when they are in a crowd, but some are not.

Well, don’t let your little one only be dominant on one side. As much as possible Mom can shape him into a person who can adapt anywhere.

One of the keys to success to adapt easily is an independent attitude in children.

He can get this independent attitude when he is on me time or when he is spending his own time.

Brings peace

Just like Mom, your little one also really needs peace of mind, you know.

Not by always being accompanied by Mom, but more about how she can control her own emotions without the help of others.

One of the things that can hone a calm attitude in children is me time.

Ready for school

When you first entered school, you might find many other children crying incessantly because they felt uncomfortable in their new environment without their Mom’s support.

This can happen to children who are not accustomed to having their own personal time.

If he is used to being alone and independent, then it is not impossible if he enters school early he will adapt more easily to the surrounding environment.

So, those are the five benefits that your little one can get from me time.

Even though it’s trivial and sometimes Mom doesn’t think about it before, it turns out that me-time has such great benefits for the psychological development of children, Mom!

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