Kid Need Additional Vitamin C While Fasting

Does Your Kid Need Additional Vitamin C While Fasting? Find Out The Benefits

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Giving vitamin C supplements is believed to be able to maintain a child’s immune system while fasting during Ramadan. This supplement is even believed to be able to provide double protection for children who are fasting during the pandemic, Mom.

Then is it true that vitamin C supplements are needed by fasting children? What are the benefits of this vitamin for the child’s body?

Pediatrician, dr. Kanya Ayu Paramastri, Sp.A, said that children’s immune systems are different from adults. Children’s resistance is fully formed when they are 8 to 10 years old.

“When babies are born they can be exposed to bacteria, viruses, and allergens. The child’s defense system will be formed to learn and remember them,” said Kanya at the Redoxon Kids Media Launch event via Zoom, Tuesday (5/4/22).

All of that will only be fully formed at the age of 8 to 10 years. After the age of 10 years it is just a bit similar to adults,” he continued.

In order to have a strong immune system, you need to fulfill your child’s nutritional intake. In addition to macronutrient needs, don’t forget the intake of micronutrients such as vitamin C.

Research shows that Asian and American countries show a deficiency of vitamin C and trace elements, such as zinc, selenium, iron, vitamins A and E. This deficiency will cause the human body’s defenses to decrease, so that the response of the body’s army in fighting infection will decrease.

Children can get sick easily, then their appetite decreases, nutritional intake is not optimal, eventually they experience a vitamin C deficiency. This is like a vicious circle that is not completed and ultimately affects the growth and development of children is not optimal,” said Kanya.

The study also explained the benefits of vitamin C in shortening the time of illness, Mom. Children who are given vitamin C supplementation recover faster.

Hopefully good nutrition intake, so that development and growth can be optimized by shortening the period of illness. But it is even better if it can be prevented,” said Kanya.

Then what are the benefits of giving vitamin C supplements to children?

Vitamin C supplementation can be given to children if it cannot be met from food. Here are the reasons why children need vitamin C supplements, according to the Medical Lead of Bayer Consumer Health, dr. Riana Nirmala Wijaya:

  1. Vitamin C is not produced endogenously in the human body and is therefore an essential dietary component.
  2. Children’s diet does not contain enough vegetables and fruit
  3. Medical conditions, such as an illness
  4. Exposure to pollutants and cigarette smoke. Vitamin C levels have been shown to be lower in children living in smoking environments.

Vitamin C can provide many benefits for your little one. This vitamin is an antioxidant that can prevent and repair DNA damage. Vitamin C also supports the immune system in growth and development, and prevents colds.

Riana explained that vitamin C is soluble in water and is not stored in the body. When a person consumes large amounts of vitamin C, this vitamin will be excreted in the urine.

According to several studies, vitamin C supplementation is clinically proven safe for long-term use. But it is better to consume according to the recommended dosage according to age.

Long-term vitamin C supplementation is clinically proven to be safe, not harmful for children. The needs of each age are different, but safe as far as the recommended limit. If you are afraid of excessive side effects, such as an upset stomach,” said Riana.

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