Increase Childrens Appetite

5 Tips to Increase Childrens Appetite, Create a Fun Atmosphere

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One of the problems that are almost experienced by parents in raising children is the problem of eating which is starting to decline.

At the age of 1 year and over, the nutrients needed are also increasing. When children lose their appetite, of course, this makes Mom feel worried about their daily nutrition.

When your little one loses his daily nutrition, of course, this will affect the child’s growth and development process that is not optimal.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your child’s diet every day, Mom.

To deal with children who have difficulty eating, this time has summarized 5 tips to increase children’s appetite so they don’t lose the daily nutrients they need.

Do physical activity before eating time

Make a habit of eating with family

Children generally prefer to do things together. The same goes for when it’s time to eat. Your little one will prefer eating together rather than having to be alone or only accompanied by Mom.

As a way to increase his appetite, try to make a habit of eating with family. That way, your child will be more provoked to eat properly and correctly because he sees his family members do this.

Create an attractive dining display

In order to better attract the attention of children to eat their food, Mom can occasionally provide food with a variety of attractive appearances. For example, by forming rice like his favorite character.

You can also use a patterned plate or place to eat so that the child is more enthusiastic when eating the dishes that Mom serves. This can be done because toddlers are usually more interested in seeing something they like, so this method will help increase your little one’s appetite, Mom.

Do physical activity before eating time

Just like adults, children who do a lot of physical activity will drain their energy and make them feel hungry faster. When your child starts to run out of energy after playing, this is the right time for Mom to feed him. Because at times like this, your little one will have more appetite to increase their energy, Mom.

Create a pleasant dining atmosphere

It’s not a new thing if children really like playing activities. Because according to them, playing is the most fun activity that can be done. This is different from eating activities which often make children feel bored and end up not wanting to eat their food.

When your little one starts to feel like this, then the way you can do it is to create an atmosphere of eating in a fun way. For example, while playing casual games that can be done at the dinner table, or letting them eat their food without being fed.

Do any fun activities to provoke the child’s appetite, but make sure the activity does not disturb the child when he is fed, Mom.

Don’t give snacks too often

Snacks or snacks are snacks that are very popular with children. This is because the taste is more diverse and not too heavy for them to eat. Although giving snacks is not a bad idea, too often is also not good, Mom.

Children who eat snacks more often will make them feel full quickly and end up not wanting to eat the main menu that Mom has prepared. In fact, the main menu is what children need to help their development.

So, the way to overcome this is to not give snacks to children too often. Mom can give it occasionally or replace the type of snack that is more healthy.

Those are tips to increase your child’s appetite that Mom can try at home. Hopefully useful and can be applied to your little one. Do it consistently and gently, Mom.

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