How to Overcome Diarrhea in 1-Year-Old Children

How to Overcome Diarrhea in 1-Year-Old Children Without Taking Medicine

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Diarrhea or diarrhea is a health problem that children quite often experience. This disease that attacks the digestive system is characterized by frequent bowel movements and more watery stool consistency.

Quoting from the official website of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association/Ikatan Dokter Anak Indonesia (IDAI), diarrhea in children may be caused by infection from viruses, bacteria, or parasites. However, diarrhea experienced by children is more often caused by viruses, especially rotavirus.

This is indicated by the fact that about 60-70% of infectious diarrhea in children is caused by viruses. Meanwhile, about 10-20% of the causes are bacteria and less than 10% are due to parasites.

Can not be taken lightly, diarrhea is a condition that needs to be treated quickly and appropriately. Otherwise, diarrhea may lead to dehydration.

Given the child’s body will lose a lot of fluids due to frequent bowel movements. Moreover, if experienced by children aged 1 year or toddlers who still really need parental assistance when sick.

Mom needs to be prepared for diarrhea that might happen at any time. So, it is important to always provide medicine at home. One of them is by preparing drugs that are safe, easy, and inexpensive to use.

Furthermore, provides several ways to treat diarrhea in children without medication.

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Breast milk

Breast milk

There are many benefits provided by breast milk, you know. Besides being rich in nutrients for the growth and development of children, it turns out that breast milk can also be a natural medicine that can overcome diarrhea.

If your 1-year-old child is still consuming exclusive breast milk, this method might be a try. Keep breastfeeding when your little one has diarrhea, okay?

Breast milk will help the child’s recovery process when they have diarrhea.

This is because breast milk contains enough good antibodies and can help activate the child’s immune system. So, it can speed up the healing of diarrhea and prevent more severe symptoms.

In addition, breastfeeding when a child has diarrhea is also useful to prevent dehydration. Given the amount of fluid that comes out of the child’s body during diarrhea.


ORS has long been known as one of the drugs to treat diarrhea in children. Consumption of ORS is useful as a replacement fluid in the child’s body so as to prevent dehydration.

Usually, ORS is available in the form of a sachet and is sold freely in the market. However, you can also make your own at home. With natural ingredients that are easy and cheap.

Mom only needs water, salt, and sugar, but make sure the equipment used is clean so it doesn’t become contaminated with bacteria that can aggravate your little one’s diarrhea. In addition, you should immediately give ORS to children and avoid storing ORS for too long.


Children aged 1 year usually have started eating solid foods. For that, Mom can give potatoes as a natural remedy when your baby has diarrhea.

Potatoes are fiber-dense foods that are good for the digestive system. You may be able to give your child a delicious, easy-to-digest boiled potato.

In addition, potatoes contain sufficient carbohydrates, electrolytes, and potassium to produce energy in the body. So, your child doesn’t feel weak when he has diarrhea.


Besides being rich in nutrients and having a delicious taste, bananas can also be useful for treating diarrhea in children. This is because bananas are fiber-dense but easy for children to digest.

With these contents, bananas can also help compact feces or feces when your little one has diarrhea. In addition, bananas are also able to overcome heartburn or stomach pain that usually comes during diarrhea because of the pectin content in it.

You can give bananas to your child by boiling them, eating them straight as a fruit, or making them puree and spread on bread. However, you should not choose bananas that are too ripe because they are not very effective for treating diarrhea. Choose green bananas or unripe bananas.


You may be able to give your child yogurt when they have diarrhea. Yogurt contains probiotics which consist of good bacteria so that it can fight bad bacteria that cause diarrhea in the intestines.

By giving yogurt to children, diarrhea symptoms can be reduced and speed up the recovery process.

In addition, yogurt also contains many nutrients that are beneficial for children. So, it’s good for your little one to eat.

However, Mom needs to be careful in giving yogurt to children. Instead, choose yogurt that is definitely made from whole milk and contains probiotics.

Avoid giving low-fat yogurt because children actually need healthy fats as additional calories from yogurt.

Mom may be able to give plain or unflavored yogurt, then give natural flavoring from honey, but in the right amount. This healing method is only suitable for the child’s recovery period.

The purpose of consuming yogurt is to prevent diarrhea from happening again. Give it in moderation, so even if the child likes the taste, the amount of consumption must be limited, Mom.

Those are some traditional medicines that can be chosen to treat diarrhea in children naturally. Hopefully, the information on how to deal with diarrhea in children can be useful for Mom, yes!

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