Games Without Capital That Mom and Dad Can Try With Your Little One

5 Games Without Capital That Mom and Dad Can Try With Your Little One

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Still in a work-from-home situation, grateful that Mom and Dad have long quality time with the little one.

Gathering with Mom and Dad not only on weekends is also a very valuable time for your little one.

One fun thing you can try is playing together. No need for expensive and complicated toys, Mom and Dad just use the things at home.

As a reference, has summarized 5 games without capital that Mom and Dad can try with their children.

Imitating expressions

Imitating expressions

One easy and fun game for your little one is to imitate expressions. Mom and Dad can first take pictures of various expressions on their cellphones.

For example, frowning when angry, laughing when happy, pouting when sad, and frowning when confused.

This imitation game can develop your little one’s ability to express himself.

Switch roles

Little ones can be invited to play the role of Mom and Dad so they can learn responsibility.

Determine their respective roles at the beginning of the game, for example, Mom becomes the Little One, Dad becomes Mom, and the Little One becomes Dad.

Then, have a dialogue according to their respective roles. Besides being able to feel the warmth of family relationships, your little one also understands that it is necessary to work together to do homework.

Hide and seek

Another fun game is hides and seek. Mom and Dad try to hide and let the little one try to find them.

When you find Mom and Dad, give them a compliment or hug in appreciation of their efforts. Then, ask the little one who is hiding for Mom and Dad to find.

Sometimes there are unexpected places where the little one hides, Mom. That proves this game can improve his observation skills.

Fashion shows

Open Mom’s or your little one’s closet, and take some clothes and accessories, such as hats, scarves, watches, headbands, or glasses.

Also add shoes, sandals, and sneakers. Let your little one choose his own clothes and be creative until it becomes a costume.

Meanwhile, Mom and Dad can decorate the runway to make it feel like a real fashion show.

Finally, turn on the music and ask your little one to walk like a model showing off a costume. Mom and Dad can give praise and clap so that the child’s self-esteem increases.

Stage theater

Does your little one like to watch or read stories? The theatrical stage can be another option.

Mom and Dad help prepare the table and then take some props, such as dolls, animal toys, plastic fruit toys, baskets, glasses, bowls, spoons, or whatever.

Help your little one to create a stage with the existing equipment. Then, Mom can give examples of the game, for example, the dolls have a dialogue with each other.

After the child seems to understand, let him continue the theater. Mom and Dad can listen so that the little one is enthusiastic to play the story.

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