First Aid When The Child Fainted

Don’t Be Panic Mom! This Is First Aid When The Child Fainted

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As a parent, who doesn’t feel panic when they see their baby fall unconscious. When this happens, many parents turn to other people to help them.

Instead of asking other people for help, mom can do first aid with things that we has compiled from the following sources.

So, when your little one faints, the panic that mom feels will be slightly reduced because she already understands how to help a child who has fainted.

This Is First Aid When The Child Fainted

So, what can you do when your child faints?

Come on, see more information about first aid when a child faints.

1. Lay the child’s body with the feet higher

When your little one faints, the first step you can take is to lie down. Make sure the child’s head is in line with the body, Mom.

Please note, positioning the feet 25 degrees higher than the heart when someone faints will make more blood circulation to the head area, Mom.

Mom can give the base higher on the bottom than the head, this is to avoid lack of oxygen to the brain.

2. Do not put anything in the child’s mouth

Many parents still make the mistake of putting something in their child’s mouth when they faint, even though this is not true and should not be done, Mom.

For example, by rushing to give a child a drink when he faints, it will be feared that the child will choke when he is conscious. Giving water can be given when the child is conscious of fainting.

3. Loosen the child’s clothes

After being laid down, then Mom can loosen the clothes that your child is wearing which can actually make the child’s breathing more difficult. So, make sure his body is not too wrapped in clothes that are so tight, Mom.

4. Give a quite pungent aroma

When the child faints, many parents give eucalyptus oil to make the child’s consciousness quickly recover. This method can be done by Mom to wake up a child who has fainted.

After the clothes are loose enough for him to breathe, then Mom can use eucalyptus oil which is rubbed on the chest or held around the nose.

5. Give sweet drinks when sober

After the above assistance has succeeded in making the child awaken from his fainting, the next thing you can do is give the child a sweet drink such as sweet tea.

Sweet drinks are believed to be able to increase blood sugar and can restore the energy that children need after they fall unconscious.

6. Let the child rest and do not immediately stand up

Once conscious, the child is also advised not to stand up straight away. Let the child rest first by sitting for at least 15 minutes. This is to avoid the recurrence of fainting.

When the child is fully awake, you can also ask him if he is still experiencing symptoms such as headaches, weakness, difficulty moving certain body parts, or shortness of breath. If so, immediately take the child to the hospital for further treatment.

Those are things that Mom can do as a form of first aid when a child faints. Panic is normal when a child faints, but Mom must immediately provide first aid as mentioned above so that the child quickly recovers from his fainting, yes, Mom.

I hope the information is useful, Mom!

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