Eggs Can Children Eat Every Day

How Many Eggs Can Children Eat Every Day?

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Eggs, especially chicken eggs, are one of the easiest foods to process. Most children like processed eggs that can be served practically, for example, made an omelet. In addition, the price of eggs is also relatively affordable.

Not only because they are practical and inexpensive, but eggs also contain various nutrients that children need for their growth and development. Even though it is nutritious, parents often wonder, how many eggs should a child eat every day?

Here summarizes the information for Mom:

How many eggs can a child eat per day?

Nutrient content in eggs

Eggs are an important source of nutrients that babies and children need. An egg contains iron for healthy blood, folate for cell growth, omega-3 fatty acids for brain development, and protein for muscle growth.

One egg contains about 9 percent of a toddler’s daily iron needs, 60 percent of daily folate needs, 12 percent of daily omega-3 needs, and 43 percent of daily protein needs.

How many eggs can a child eat per day?

Looking at the nutritional content above, eggs are healthy foods that children can eat every day. Even so, you need to pay attention to the amount of daily egg consumption for your child, Mom.

For children aged one year and over, one egg per day is sufficient to meet their daily nutritional needs of children. Meanwhile, school-age children are generally allowed to eat 2-4 eggs per day. This amount must be varied with other protein sources.

One egg per day promotes growth

Research has found that the consumption of one egg per day can make a significant difference in the growth of malnourished children. The research team led by dr. Lanotti studied children aged six to nine months at random. These children were given an egg every day for six months. While the other group did not get eggs on a regular basis.

In the group of children who were given an egg every day, the risk of stunting was reduced by 47 percent, and the risk of being underweight was reduced by 74 percent.

Too late to introduce eggs to children increases the risk of egg allergies

Children who rarely eat eggs are at higher risk of developing egg allergies. Regular consumption of eggs can help reduce this risk.

Health experts recommend introducing common allergens, such as eggs, at least six months of age. This is contrary to what many new mothers think that introducing eggs when a new child is solid can increase the risk of egg allergies.

The impact of children eating too many eggs

Almost the same as everything in this world, eating too many eggs is also not good for children’s health. This is because, with high nutritional content, eggs include foods that contain high fat, cholesterol, and calories.

If a child consumes more than 4 eggs per day, it will have an impact, including:

  • Cholesterol increases
  • At risk for type two diabetes
  • Cause allergies or ulcers
  • Overweight
  • Hormone imbalance

This is information about how many eggs a child can consume every day and the side effects if given too much. Make sure to provide complete and balanced nutrition, Mom.

I hope this information is helpful!

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