Danger of Tying Your Child's Hair Too Tight

Be Careful Mom, This is The Danger of Tying Your Child’s Hair Too Tight

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Having a daughter certainly provides its own pleasure for Mama. One of them, Mama can dress and style their hair with various hairstyles.

In fact, the activity of styling this hair may have become a routine every time the child will go to school or go for a walk.

Various sweet and cute hairstyles are tempting to try. But Mom, tying a child’s hair too tightly can actually be dangerous for the child, you know.

Although it looks beautiful, hair that is tied too tightly can cause hair loss. In fact, children can experience brain nerve damage if their hair is often tied tightly.

Of course, you don’t want that to happen, do you? So that Mama is more alert, see Thevolume.net summary of the dangers of tying your hair too tight below, let’s go!

Hair fall to baldness

1. Hair fall to baldness

Do you often find your child’s hair falling out when you untie the knot? This is one of the consequences of tying a child’s hair too tightly. The tight ties make the hair break so it breaks easily.

In addition, hair that is tied tightly will be pulled for a long time. The roots of the hair become weak and cannot withstand the weight of the hair. As a result, hair becomes easier to fall out.

If it continues for a long time, your child can suffer from baldness, you know, Mom!

2. Makes scalp itchy

When the hair is tied, air circulation in the hair will be hampered. As a result, the hair will be more easily damp.

Especially if the child is doing activities that make him sweat a lot. Sweat is also more difficult to evaporate and trapped in the hair.

As a result, the scalp will feel itchy and uncomfortable. In some cases, tying your hair too tightly can even trigger dandruff, you know, Mom.

3. Removes hair moisture

Before starting to tie and style your child’s hair, do you always wash your child’s hair? Apparently, this practice will remove the moisture in the child’s hair, you know, Ma. Especially if you do it every day. As a result, children’s hair will be drier, break easily, and branch out.

You need to know, children’s hair doesn’t need to be washed too often. The reason, their sweat glands are still not perfect. As long as they don’t do activities that make them sweat, it’s enough to wash their hair every two days.

The impact of this one may not be directly related to tying the hair too tightly, but he still has to be careful.

4. Make your head dizzy

Children are prone to feeling dizzy if their hair is tied too tightly for a long time. The reason is, during this time, the child’s scalp will be attracted. Blood circulation in the head becomes not smooth.

Therefore, don’t forget to rest your child’s hair, Mom. Don’t tie your child’s hair all day. Letting her hair down is actually healthier, you know, Mom.

5. Damage the nerves in the brain

There are many nerves in the head. Without realizing it, these nerves will be pulled when you tie your child’s hair too tight. As a result, the child may experience nerve damage.

This impact will not be felt in the short term. However, you should be careful not to get used to tying your child’s hair too tightly. Moreover, do it every day.

That’s the danger of tying your hair too tight. After realizing this danger, it’s a good idea for Mama to start reducing Mama’s hobby of styling her child’s hair. Let the child’s hair down so that the hair and scalp of the child can rest.

Even if you want to style your child’s hair, use a different style every day so that the hair is not pulled in the same place all the time.

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