Cough Massage in Children to Relieve Symptoms

6 Cough Massage in Children to Relieve Symptoms, Pay Attention to Massage Points

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Changes in the weather are prone to causing your little one to have coughs and colds. In the morning, the child is still healthy and fit. However, it could be that the child begins to show symptoms of coughing at night.

Although cough in children is a mild disease that can heal on its own, don’t let it drag on. Because the child will feel uncomfortable.

Treat immediately by ensuring nutritional intake and strengthening his immune system. If the cough gets worse, take it to the doctor immediately.

In addition, you can also use cough massage on children to relieve symptoms, so that coughing is not too excruciating.

So, how do you massage a cough in children? Here has summarized the method from various sources.

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Massage cough and cold in children with simple movements

Massage cough and cold in children with simple movements

The main key is to pay attention to the point of cough massage in children so that the massage feels at the point that can relieve symptoms.

As reported by The Indusparent, the following cough massage in children with simple movements without pressure:

  • Start by rubbing or rubbing your finger on the child’s upper nose.
  • Lower the rub to the bottom of the nose and under the eyes.
  • Gently tap the fingertips on the child’s cheek.
  • Meanwhile, place your hand on the child’s chest.
  • Rub the front chest and back chest.

This massage provides a relaxing effect on the child’s body. This method can be used as a reflexology for coughs in children.

Child’s a back massage

Cough massage in children can be done in the back area. Massage to relieve cough in children aims to stimulate the lungs.

As reported by Singapore The Asian Parent, here’s how to do massage to deal with cough in children:

  • Massage the bottom of the shoulder gently, but still vigorously.
  • Apply a little pressure to stimulate the chest and lungs.
  • Move the massage upwards with your thumb, pressing gently.
  • Then, direct the massage back down.
  • Repeat the movement several times for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Do massage clockwise

Cough massage in the next child is with a clockwise motion. The trick is by massaging the child’s chest.

Do it slowly and gently. Then, make a circular motion in a clockwise direction

Massage for cough in children can be done 5 to 10 times. Do it until the child feels more relieved or comfortable.

Massage cough with the index finger and middle finger

Cough massage in this child uses the strength of two fingers, namely the middle finger and index finger.

How to massage for cough in children:

  • Make sure the child is in a sitting position.
  • Place your middle and index fingers on the back of your neck.
  • Rub or press your finger down to the base of the neck gently and slowly.
  • Repeat several times until the child feels comfortable.

Massage coughs on children with light taps

The massage movement to relieve cough in children is quite simple. It doesn’t require a lot of energy.

You do this by tapping two fingers on the child’s chest. Do it 5 to 10 times. Interspersed movements with strokes to the child’s chest to feel comfortable.

Massage the cough on the child by patting the back

This is the last cough massage in children. The trick is by patting the child’s back from the bottom up slowly.

To further add to the relaxing effect, compress the child’s chest with a towel that has been soaked in cold water so that the cough does not aggravate the child’s condition.

That’s 6 cough massages in children. Do not forget to consult a doctor so that you get the right direction.

In addition, check the child to the doctor as soon as possible if the cough has not shown signs of healing in a long time.

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