Children's Hair Curly or Straight

Recognize Genetic Factors That Make Children’s Hair Curly or Straight

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In this world there are various types of human hair. We usually distinguish it into two, namely curly hair or curls and straight hair. Differences in hair types are largely influenced by genetic factors from parents.

Maybe Mom is wondering, Mom and husband’s hair is straight, but why is your little one’s hair curly? Vice versa.

This time will dissect the genetic factor of the interesting known hair types.

1. Determined by gene activity

Determined by gene activity

Curly or curly hair has unique characteristics. The appearance of curly hair is determined by the activity of the TCHH gene, or trichohyalin protein, which forms bonds between keratin, or fibers, in hair follicles.

In fact, the higher the activity of this gene, the greater the potential for curly hair in children.

2. The dominant gene is more prominent

A dominant gene is a gene that is stronger than a recessive gene when these two different characteristics are present in one DNA.

The combination of the same genes is called homozygous, while the combination of different genes is called heterozygous.

The TCHH gene is the dominant gene so that curls or curls can mask the nature of straight hair. So, if one parent has a family history of all of them having curly hair and the other has straight hair, it is likely that the child has curly hair.

However, if one of the parents has a family history of mixed hair, and the other has straight hair, then the chances of the child having curly hair are 50% and straight is 50%.

3. How about straight wavy hair?

In addition to curly hair and straight hair, there are also children who have slightly wavy straight hair. This is also because the TCHH gene is influenced by the activity of the EDAR (ectodysplasin A receptor protein) and FGFR2 (fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 protein) genes.

When these three genes are combined, the genetic traits that are inherited are more complex.

4. So, why do some people change their hair type?

When he was little he had curly hair, but as he got older his hair became straight. Mom may have met people with this condition.

Changes in hair type throughout life can occur. Primarily triggered by factors such as age, health, stress, hormones, and diet, which affect the general hair landscape.

5. Effect of environmental factors on hair

Hair is not only a part of the body that beautifies one’s appearance. But also serves to control body temperature, one of them. Because of this, hair adapts to environmental conditions around it.

Hair texture will change along with changes in altitude, humidity, and even the water used for shampooing.

The characteristics of human hair are very unique. Hopefully this information can add insight, Mom.

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