Children Stop Biting Fingernails and Biting Fingers

7 Ways to Make Children Stop Biting Fingernails and Biting Fingers

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Biting nails is a habit that is often done by several people, both adults, and children. Of course, this bad habit must be stopped, because in the nails there will be many germs attached.

If adults can break this habit with their awareness, it is different with children. The habit of biting nails in children must be stopped by parents, by reminding children.

In addition to reminding, parents also need to do some ways to stop the habit of biting nails in children. Here has summarized how to make children stop biting their nails and chewing their fingers. Come on, take a look!

Tell the child the impact of biting nails

Before doing other ways, the first thing you can do is remind your little one. Tell your little one the negative effects of biting nails.

Don’t get tired of reminding your little one not to bite their nails, this way over time they will understand that biting their nails is not a good habit.

Divert attention

If you see your little one biting his nails, then Mom should immediately distract him. One way, Mom can distract her is by giving her a snack so she can focus on her food.

You can also ask your little one to help you do a job that makes him forget the habit of biting his nails.

Cut your child’s nails regularly

To overcome the habit of biting your little one’s nails, one way is to regularly cut their nails.

Do not let your little one’s nails be long, because it will be easier to bite his nails. If the nails are short and neat, then your little one will find it difficult to find a gap to bite his nails

Occasionally give something to his nails

If your little one has a hard time stopping the habit of biting their nails, sometimes Mom needs to give something to her finger without her knowing it.

For example, Mom can give a little bitter coffee or salt. If your little one has felt something unpleasant on his finger, then there is a possibility that he will give up on biting his nails.

Apply nail polish or fake nails

In addition to beautifying nails, nail polish and fake nails can also prevent your little one from biting nails. Fake nails make your little one’s nails longer and sharper, so he will think twice about biting them.

Nail polish has a bitter taste when eaten. So that when your little one puts on nail polish and bites his nails, the nail polish will be eroded and eaten which causes a bitter taste.

Pay attention to when the child bites the nail

There are many reasons why children bite their nails. To break this habit, Mom needs to investigate what causes your little one to bite his nails.

Some of the things that can cause your little one to bite their nails often include boredom, anxiety, panic, or lack of confidence.

Change your nail-biting habit with fidget toys

Change the habit of biting nails in your little one, by giving him fidget toys. But before giving him toys, Mom needs to know first what causes children to bite nails.

If Mom sees your little one biting her nails, immediately give the fidget toy so she doesn’t focus on her nails.

That’s it, Ma, seven ways to make children stop biting their nails and chewing their fingers. Hopefully, some of the ways above can help Mom to deal with children who like to bite their nails. Good luck!

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