Children Often Delirious at Night

5 Causes of Children Often Delirious at Night

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Have you ever found your little one delirious while sleeping? At first glance, you might think that your little one is fast asleep and dreaming.

Children who are delirious during sleep are usually accompanied by talking to themselves, grinding their teeth, and even walking while sleeping.

Not a few parents think this is trivial, when in fact delirious can be a sign of various kinds of disorders. Then what are the causes of children often delirious?

Here has summarized the explanation, Mom.

What are the causes of children often delirious?

What are the causes of children often delirious?

Delirium is a vocalization process caused by the absorption of very strong emotions and has been embedded in the child’s subconscious.

Talking is often considered a sleep disorder because it is very energy-draining. Below are some of the causes of children often delirious.

1. Experiencing a very memorable event

A memorable event or moment is easily embedded in a child’s memory.

As a result, children will always remember these memorable moments until they are in the subconscious phase.

When delirious, the child may say the same words as the memorable events that have happened to him.

2. There are unmet needs

Another reason why children are often delirious is their unmet needs. These needs are more on psychological needs, such as wanting to be accompanied, cared for, accompanied, given freedom, to be heard by parents or loved ones.

If these psychic needs are not met, then the child’s emotions will be stored in his memory and will be released into delirium while sleeping.

Usually, the child will express it in various forms, such as crying, screaming, or mentioning the name “Mom”, “you, “father”, “father” or other calls.

3. Sleeping very tired

Playing is an activity that most young children enjoy. By playing children can grow and develop well and can interact with their social environment.

But letting children play too long before bedtime is not good for you. Because it is not good for the growth and development of the Little One.

The child’s sleep pattern will also be disturbed, not soundly, sleep in a state of restlessness, to the point of being delirious.

This happens because what the child has just done is recorded in his subconscious.

If this is allowed, it will be bad, the child’s sleep pattern will be chaotic and can damage the nervous system in his brain.

4. There is a wish that is expected

Not all children dare to express their wishes to their parents. Some children choose to keep their desires deep.

So that his wishes can be embedded into the subconscious and expressed when the child is asleep.

Usually, the child will express the forms of his desire, such as the name of the toy, the name of the tourist place, the food he wants to eat, or other things that have not been accomplished.

5. Watching or witnessing terrible things

If your child watches or witnesses terrible things before going to bed, this could be in his dream. His subconscious keeps recording what he sees before he goes to sleep.

Delirious because children watch or witness terrible things can be the cause of children delirious which often occurs in everyday life. Limit your child’s screen time before the little one’s bedtime.

Thus an explanation of what causes children often delirious when sleeping at night.

If your child has the same problem, know the reasons that are often the cause so that it is easier to treat.

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