Child Falls Hit the Back of the Head

Child Falls Hit the Back of the Head, Beware of the Danger!

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Parents must be happy to see the development of children from time to time. A feeling of pride arises when the child is actively playing and moving.

However, the active movement of children sometimes makes parents worried. The reason is, that children are prone to falling or slipping which causes the child to fall on the back of the head.

The head is the part of the body that is the center of movement and development. The brain in the head regulates the body’s performance.

Can you imagine if you hit your head right? The risk of head injury disrupting brain tissue function is quite high.

Therefore, parents should be aware of the dangers of their child falling on the back of the head. So that Mom and Dad know how to handle it properly.

Here has reviewed a child falling on the back of his head. Come on, see the explanation!

Understanding the back of the head injury

Understanding the back of the head injury

Children hitting the back of the head is common, especially children in the age range 6-9 years. This is because at this age children enter their active period. Children can fall and are prone to injure the scalp, skull, brain, or blood vessels.

As reported by Kids Health, the impact of the head causes minor injuries such as bumps. Usually, the impact experienced by children causes minor injuries. The injury temporarily affects the performance of brain cells.

In addition, there is also such a thing as a moderate head injury. This injury causes tearing of brain tissue, brain damage, bleeding, and bruising.

However, the possibility of serious injury to the child’s head remains high. Because they are fatal, severe injuries can lead to concussions or long-term complications. In fact, not infrequently lead to death.

Types of head injury in children

Children who fall on the back of the head can be divided into two categories, namely internal injuries, and external injuries.

As reported by Kids Health, internal injuries generally cause injuries to the inside, such as the skull, brain, and blood vessels. While external injuries only injure the scalp.

As a result, the head has a bump or bruise. In some cases, the injury is also serious because it interferes with the brain’s nervous system.

Causes of head injuries in children

The causes of children falling on the back of the head are quite diverse. Each cause also has a different impact and level of risk.

The child’s head is injured on average from a fall. Starting from a child falling off a bicycle, playing on a swing, or playing on a seesaw. Accidents during sports also often trigger children to fall and injure their heads.

Other causes, such as car accidents to violence.

Symptoms of head injury in children

When a child falls on the back of the head, there are symptoms that parents can notice. It takes sensitivity and attention so that Mom and Dad know the condition of the child’s head.

One of the most visible symptoms is a swollen child’s head. This happens because the head is home to many small blood vessels. If you hit it, the blood vessels in your head will automatically burst, causing swelling.

Other symptoms, the child often complaining of a headache, the child losing consciousness (fainted), or the child vomits several times after the head injury.

The danger of a child falling on the back of the head

The danger of a child falling on the back of the head

Basically, a child falling on the back of the head can cause minor or serious injury. Both are equally dangerous.

This injury affects the child’s thought processes related to memory or memory. In addition, the child’s sense of sight is also susceptible to changes.

A hard impact on a brain injury can even cause epilepsy.

The following are the dangers of hitting the back of the head that should be wary of:

1. Bruises

Bruising can occur when the head is hit or hit. As a result, the scalp is injured and damages the soft tissue under the skin layer. This causes small blood vessels to burst or leak.

Bruises are characterized by purplish red skin. The parts that are most easily bruised if you get hit are the scalp and forehead.

2. Concussion

This is a mild type of brain injury. Injuries occur when a blow to the head or other factors causes the head to move forward or backward. As a result, the head changes shape.

Another side effect, changes in shape affect changes in chemical processes in the brain. Brain cells can even be seriously damaged.

3. Skull fracture

Skull fractures are also known as skull fractures. A child falling on the back of the head is certainly dangerous, especially if it damages various parts of the skull.

The layer of the scalp or the area around the brain can bleed.

In addition, skull fractures are often difficult to detect with the naked eye. Medical assistance is required to determine this injury.

However, there are some symptoms that can be used as clues, namely:

  • There is swelling in the head that hit
  • Pain occurs
  • Bruised face
  • Bleeding in the ears and nose.

4. Bleeding, also known as a hematoma

A child who falls on the back of the head is at risk of developing a hematoma.

A hematoma is an abnormal blood clot. It is located outside the blood vessels. This happens because the arteries, veins, and capillaries are damaged. So the blood moves to the tissues.

Do this if the child falls on the back of the head

The first thing Mom and Dad should do is contact the nearest medical service. Avoid taking actions that can endanger the safety of the child.

Signs your child has a serious head injury:

  • Loss of consciousness or fainting
  • Keep crying
  • Vomit
  • Can’t walk
  • Can’t speak.

If the child shows these signs, parents should immediately refer the child to the doctor.

If the child does not lose consciousness, and is still behaving normally, take several treatment steps, including:

  • Compress the injured area for 20 minutes every 3 to 4 hours with ice
  • Wrap the ice in a soft cloth
  • Monitor your child’s progress for 24 hours
  • If your child has symptoms of a more serious injury, such as discoloration or changes in breathing, take the child to the doctor for an examination.

That’s the danger of a child falling on the back of the head and how to handle it. Make sure Mom and Dad take care of the kids when they play, but without being overprotective, okay?

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