Chicken Feet for Toddler Growth

6 Benefits of Chicken Feet for Toddler Growth

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Who doesn’t like eating chicken? Surely the average person likes chicken that is processed in various dishes, even every Mom would like to cook chicken at home to serve for the family as lunch or dinner.

However, do you like to cook chicken feet or so-called claws? Usually not many people eat chicken feet because they will feel disgusted because they are dirty.

But if the processing and cleaning is correct, it turns out that chicken feet have many benefits, especially for children.

For parents, chicken feet are usually processed with soy sauce or balado. Then for children, chicken feet can also be added to the soup in addition to chicken meat.

Although it doesn’t have a lot of meat and is filled with bones, it’s not uncommon for many Indonesians to process chicken feet into various kinds of food.

Benefits of Chicken Feet for Children

Benefits of Chicken Feet for Children

So that Mom doesn’t hesitate in giving chicken feet to children, this time will provide 6 benefits of chicken feet for children, especially their growth and development.

1. Healthy children’s digestive tract

Chicken feet can be useful for your little one’s digestive system, this is because chicken feet contain many nutrients such as protein, chondroitin, collagen, and glucosamine. These nutrients will dissolve when you cook them in soup or stock.

The nutrients contained in chicken feet will help the digestive process become smoother and make children healthier.

Chicken feet help in better absorption of food and make the intestines smoother in processing food.

2. Improve the immune system in children

Besides being useful for children’s digestion, chicken feet also contain nutrients that are useful for maintaining the immune system in children. The nutrients contained are such as Collagen, Gelatin, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Minerals.

This content plays an important role in maintaining children’s health, supporting blood circulation, overcoming various types of diseases, increasing bone density and health, maintaining the health of important body organs such as nerves and heart.

Therefore, chicken feet can improve the child’s immune system in the process of growth and development of children.

3. Speed ​​up wound healing

At the age of children who are active, children can walk, run, and play. That’s where sometimes children can fall and cause injury.

However, you don’t need to worry because the protein and calcium content in chicken feet is useful for regenerating human nerves, muscles, and bones. This can help speed up healing on your child’s skin, you know, Mom!

By consuming chicken feet, it can give the body the ability to fight infections caused by wounds because chicken claws can speed up the process of replacing damaged cells so that they can fight bacteria that enter the body.

In addition, chicken feet can also overcome the redness of the skin that occurs due to cell damage due to inflammation.

4. Maintain healthy teeth and gums in children

Children who still don’t understand, sometimes like to put food or things carelessly in their mouths that can cause damage to the gums or gum disease caused by improper dental hygiene.

To prevent this, Mom can give chicken feet to children because nutrients such as collagen, gelatin, and amino acids can be useful for maintaining healthy teeth and gums in children.

In addition, Mom can give your little one boiled chicken claws to help the process of forming teeth.

5. Contains a lot of collagen

Has many good nutrients, but chicken feet have a very high Collagen content. Collagen levels in chicken feet are very high, almost the same as the collagen found in green vegetables and fruits that contain Vitamin C.

Collagen is useful for maintaining healthy skin and making the skin elastic because it can make dead skin cells and new skin cells change quickly.

Then help the child’s body in absorbing calcium and protein content that is useful for child growth and can also increase the production of red blood cells in the body.

6. Maintaining healthy nails in children

Cooked chicken feet can produce amino acids, glycine, hydroxypoline, proline, collagen which can help maintain healthy nails.

When going through the cooking process, chicken feet will usually release a liquid or gel containing gelatin.

The gel will be mixed in food and help the body in processing calcium which is good and absorbed by the nails. Mom can process claws according to the child’s and family’s favorites.

Tips for Cooking Chicken Feet for Kids

When viewed from the function on the chicken’s body, the legs or claws are indeed disgusting because they are dirty.

However, if you go through the correct cooking process and not carelessly, chicken feet have many benefits that are good for children and families. Here are some tips for eliminating bacteria when cooking chicken feet so they don’t pose a risk of disease.

  • Cut the chicken feet and wash with clean water until the dirt can be removed.
  • Cut the nails on the chicken feet so they are not dirty and disgusting.
  • Boil the chicken feet first with boiling water for a few minutes to kill bacteria
  • Drain and remove the tough skin on the chicken feet. Mom must remove the yellow layer of skin. This is to reduce the potential for bacteria and dirt left behind
  • Boil the chicken feet again and cook according to the menu of Mom’s choice
  • Remember to buy chicken feet that are fresh and freshly cut.

Well, now Mom can serve chicken claw dishes for your little one and family that are beneficial for health!

The following was information about the benefits of chicken feet for children. What is your favorite chicken claw dish?

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