Characteristics of Children with Colds

6 Characteristics of Children with Colds that Need to be Handled Immediately

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The term colds are already familiar to the ears of Indonesians. Usually many things parents do when they see their child is fussy.

For example, such as stopping giving cold drinks, covering the child with warm oil, or not even bathing the child if it is considered to be feverish.

Well, don’t get the wrong diagnosis, Mom. It is better to consult a doctor so that the treatment of your little one is more appropriate.

If the Mom is sure, that the child’s illness is not too severe, maybe the child has a cold. What are the characteristics of children with colds, here has made a review?

Cough and cold


This is common in children 1-3 years. If you pat your stomach, it makes a sound like “bung bung bung bung” then it could be that the child is bloated.

If rubbed, sometimes the child’s stomach is also a bit cold. Body temperature in other parts is not as cold as in the stomach. When pressed, the skin on the stomach is a bit hard.

Vomiting and nausea

Vomiting and nausea are characterized by discomfort in the child’s upper abdomen. If you press slowly, nausea will get worse.

Usually, children who are experiencing nausea will be difficult to eat. They refuse, but this can actually worsen the child’s health condition.

Cough and cold

Some children who have colds also experience coughs and colds. Symptoms of colds in children are usually accompanied by cough with phlegm, runny nose, stuffy nose, and fever.

Some children even cough accompanied by vomiting to tears.


Some children who have colds also have a fever.

Fever in children occurs when the body temperature is above normal, which is higher than 37.50 C.

The characteristic of a cold child who has a fever is a loss of enthusiasm for activities. His body was limp and not interested in being invited to play.


Another thing that can be a sign of a child having a cold is diarrhea. Children defecate more than 3 times a day and the stools that come out are liquid.

Some children experience defecation with feces mixed with foam and stomach twists.

Fussy child

Children who have colds are usually fussy but if asked which part is painful, they will be confused about which part is uncomfortable.

Eventually, the child becomes fussy, and difficult to take a break.

Those are the characteristics of children with colds that are common, be patient, Ma if you are experiencing something similar. Children still do not understand the pain they feel.

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