Boys Have More Experience Speech Delay

Do Boys Have More Experience Speech Delay?

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Have you ever heard the term Einstein syndrome? This condition is related to the speech delay experienced by the children, Mom.

Launching from Healthline, Einstein syndrome is used to describe a child who has speech and language delays, but shows talent in other areas of analysis. A child with this syndrome is often considered intelligent or a genius, even though he has speech delay.

Characteristics of children with Einstein syndrome are experiencing delayed language development milestones can be seen from their age. Einstein’s syndrome is still not well defined or difficult to explain, Mom. Because, the causes of speech delay also vary.

According to Pediatrician, dr.Iqbal Zein, SpA, speaking and language skills are one of the developments that a child must have. However, there are children who can experience speech delays or known as speech delay.

A child is said to have speech delay if he cannot speak and speak according to the developmental phase of his age.

Every child’s speech and language are different. We must know that there are phases at each age and we have guidelines for the development of children’s speech and language. It is said to be late if you have not yet reached the age,” Iqbal told HaiBunda, recently.

Causes of Speech Delay in Children

Causes of Speech Delay in Children

The causes of speech and language delays in children need to be seen first, physiologically. There are two components that need to be understood, namely receptive and expressive.

Reception is the sensory ability to receive sound, speech, and language stimuli. While expressiveness is when children make sounds, speak, and language.

Iqbal explained that a child’s ability to speak and speak was influenced by several things or reasons. Here are 4 causes or things that affect speech delay in children:

1. Brain

The brain is the center of a child’s intelligence. If the brain is disturbed and problematic, it can affect the ability to speak and the development of the child’s speech and language domains.

2. Hearing

Hearing is related to receptive sensory. Research says that a child’s vocabulary is linear or very directly proportional to the words heard at critical times (0-2 years).

If there is a hearing problem, of course the receptiveness will be disturbed. This means that the child’s speech and language outcomes can also be disturbed,” said Iqbal.

3. Oral

Oral problems can be caused by disorders of the jaw, tongue, throat, and vocal cords. This can affect the risk of articulation disorders, the cause of hoarseness, and speech delay in children.

4. Behavior (Psychosocial)

Behavioral disorders can be caused by autistic conditions, which can be a symptom of speech delay. If during the examination found a tendency to autism, further screening will be carried out.

Handling speech delay in children can be adjusted according to the cause, Mom.

Is it true that many boys experience speech delay?

Boys are considered more susceptible to speech delay than girls. Myth or fact, yes, Mom?

Well, according to doctor Iqbal, the prevalence of children who experience speech delay is 5 to 8 percent. From this percentage, it is known that boys experience it more.

From this percentage, there are more men than women,” said Iqbal.

Although the data show this, until now there is no known correlation between boys and speech delay. The cause is still idiopathic and possibly due to environmental influences, Mom.

This is idiopathic or the cause is unknown because it is multifacrorial. Scientifically it can’t be revealed whether it’s a genetic problem or upbringing. But this could be due to environmental factors,” he said.

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