Benefits of Bananas for Children

6 Benefits of Bananas for Children, Good Source of Nutrition

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Bananas are one of the fruits that are easily found in Indonesia. This fruit has a delicious taste, and filling, and is healthy for anyone who consumes it. No exception for children.

The benefits of bananas for children are varied, so this potassium-rich fruit is good to include in a child’s daily menu.

The following summarizes the benefits of bananas for children that are important for mothers to know:

Instant energy source

Children are very active throughout the day. They spend a lot of energy doing various activities. Bananas contain carbohydrates which can be an instant energy source for children. Give bananas to children as soon as they finish playing to restore their energy.

Good for digestion

The fiber in bananas helps in better digestion. The fiber is called pectin, which is water-soluble fiber.

Pectin aids digestion by converting carbohydrates into simple sugars that are released throughout the body. In addition, the fiber content provides a longer feeling of fullness.

Strong bones and better eyesight

Bananas are foods that are rich in potassium. Potassium neutralizes the sodium contained in the food consumed by children every day. Thus the child’s bones become stronger.

Children who eat bananas regularly have better eyesight because of the vitamin A content in bananas.

Prevent anemia

Iron deficiency, in which there is a lack of red blood cell production, can lead to anemia. Therefore, it is important to supplement the daily intake of children with bananas which contain iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12. All of these ingredients help the child’s body produce hemoglobin.

Increase brain power

The potassium content in bananas helps blood circulation thereby increasing the child’s brain power. Bananas can also increase children’s concentration power. Give bananas as a school lunch for children that can be consumed as a healthy snack.

Fight free radicals

Bananas also contain bioactive compounds, such as phenolics, carotenoids, biogenic amines, and phytosterols. Phenolics and carotenoids combat free radical damage. Biogenic amines and phytosterols regulate various physiological functions that promote health over time.

Those are some of the benefits of bananas for children that are important for moms to know. Hopefully, this information is useful for moms in preparing a daily healthy food menu for their little ones.

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