Bathing Children Using Bubble Bath

6 Safe Tips for Bathing Children Using Bubble Bath

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There is always a reason your little one doesn’t want to take a bath, and this will be a hassle for you. Try taking them to take a bubble bath or what is known as a bubble bath. Surely the children will feel at home in the bathroom for a long time.

How to take a bubble bath is certainly fun and attracts your little one’s attention. This makes the children more cheerful, and bath time becomes an unforgettable moment.

Even though it looks interesting, there are many things related to bubble baths that you need to pay attention to beforehand. Because if you don’t, this way of bathing can turn out to be dangerous for your little one, Mom.

Mama needs to pay attention to starting from the use of bubble bath products, to the length of time the child takes a bath. It is also a good idea to take a bubble bath with the child when he is three years old.

However, your little one can still take a bubble bath safely, Ma. As long as you and your child take good care of things, nothing bad will happen.

Together with, let’s find out tips for safe bathing children using a bubble bath.

Bubble bath bath should not be too long

1. Bubble bath bath should not be too long

Bathing a bubble bath for your little one will be a very fun activity. To the point that they often don’t want their bath time to end, they ask you to spare time.

Mama needs to pay attention, actually taking a bubble bath shouldn’t be done for too long. Although this is basically a good activity, too long a bubble bath can cause irritation to your child.

Soaking in bubbly water can also give your child a urinary tract infection. This is usually seen through symptoms of redness and burning.

You can limit your child’s bath time to only 10-15 minutes, as reported by

2. Pay attention to the water temperature

It’s not only when your little one takes a bath that you need to pay attention to, sometimes problems around the water temperature during a bubble bath also need to be adjusted properly.

Your little one’s skin is very sensitive and prone to burning, even at low temperatures. This is why you need to pay close attention to the temperature of the water while your child is bathing.

Set the temperature at the right temperature around the human body temperature, which is 37-38 degrees Celsius. You can also dip your hands first to see if the temperature is right.

3. The water should not be too high

Bathing with overflowing foam can add to the joy of your little one many times over. However, this should not be done during a bubble bath.

Use water with a depth of about 5-7 cm. More than a few cm will be very dangerous for the little one. Because children can drown in depths of more than 7 cm to 10 cm when their faces are submerged.

4. Keep accompanying the child during the bath

As long as your child is in a bubble bath, stay with them and watch them closely. It’s best if you don’t leave her to pick up certain things or pick up the phone.

Even if your child is 3 years old or older, leaving them in the bath can be very dangerous. Bad things can happen without taking long.

For that, before taking a bubble bath, always make sure all the things you need are nearby.

5. Choose a type of soap that is not harmful

Bubble bath bath is identical to the use of soap that produces a lot of foam. Glancing deeper, it turns out that not all types of soap are safe for your little one’s skin. The content of fragrances and dyes in soap can cause irritation to your child’s skin.

Moms should choose soap products that are safe for your little one. Soaps that are suitable for children generally have mild ingredients, do not contain alcohol and detergents, have an acidity level (pH) of 5.5, and do not contain harmful chemicals.

The best soap option for a bubble bath is a regular type of soap that contains vegetable oil as well as glycerin.

6. Limiting the toys your little one can bring

For your little one, bringing toys when the bubble bath can increase the fun of their bath. But first, make sure they bring the right toys.

When taking a bubble bath, it’s a good idea to choose toys that your child can bring. Avoid bringing toys that are too small because they can put pressure on your little one.

Also avoid toys that can absorb water. These types of toys are often a breeding ground for bacteria when they are not completely dry.

Those are tips for bathing children using a bubble bath. Pay attention to these things carefully, Mom so that the fun of the little one’s bubble bath is not disturbed, but still safe.

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