Bad Effects of Frequently Scolding Children

7 Bad Effects of Frequently Scolding Children, Stop Doing That Mom!

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Mother likes to be annoyed and often scolds children with harsh words? It’s best not to do this behavior again.
Screaming at a child is a form of verbal abuse. Meanwhile, if scolding a child while using harsh words, then it is a form of emotional violence.

According to the Parent Circle, experts believe that the psychological effects of being scolded are just as bad as physical violence, if not more. For that, you need to be aware of this psychological effect.

As in adults, scolding a child constantly can make him embarrassed, afraid, guilty, anxious, and stressed. All of these can lead to developmental delays, sleep-related problems, behavioral problems, learning problems, and difficulties in connecting with others.

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The Impact of Often Scolding Children

The Impact of Often Scolding Children

Well, here HaiBunda has summarized from various sources, 7 bad effects and long-term effects:

1. Make the child’s behavior worse

Many parents think that scolding their children can prevent them from misbehaving in the future. But research shows that it can actually create more problems in the long run.

Screaming anger can actually make a child’s behavior worse,” says pediatrician Karen Gill, M.D., reported by Healthline.

A study published in the Society for Research in Child Development in 2013 found that children who are constantly scolded by their parents are more likely to behave badly. This study was conducted on children aged 13 years.

2. Causes children to be depressed

Children who continue to be scolded while being shouted at will also experience psychological problems. This experience will carry over into adulthood.

Previous studies have also found an increase in depressive symptoms in children who are constantly scolded. Many other studies have also shown a link between emotional abuse and depression or anxiety disorders.

“Symptoms of this kind can lead to worsening behavior and can even develop into self-destructive actions, such as drug use or increased risky sexual activity,” says Gill.

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3. Affects physical health

Not only psychological problems, often scolding children can also affect the little one’s physical health. Children will experience stress because of the actions of their parents.

Stress in childhood can increase the risk of certain health problems as an adult. Research published in the Psychological Bulletin Journal in 2011 showed that the stress experienced by children will have a long-term impact on their physical health.

4. Cause chronic disease

One study found an association between negative childhood experiences and the development of a chronic, painful condition. This includes verbal abuse and other types of violence against children.

These conditions include arthritis, severe headaches, back and neck problems, and other chronic pain,” says Gill.

5. Children become inferior

Children who are often scolded in public will grow up to be inferior individuals or not confident. According to Arfiani and Rinna Rahmawati in book 5 What is Forbidden, a child may experience prolonged trauma if as a child his parents often scolded him in public.

Even though sometimes people around them think this is normal, for children, it can make their souls depressed,” said Arfiani and Rinna Rahmawati.

His soul will always feel guilty so his life will always be filled with doubts about the views of those around him on him.

6. Fear of socializing

Loss of self-confidence can also make children afraid to socialize, Mother. This can last until the child is an adult, you know.

The impact will be worse if parents do not play a role in the formation of their child’s identity. If parents continue to restrain and scold their children, it will be increasingly difficult for him to socialize.

7. Being selfish and bitchy

Another impact of behavior that often scolds children is the emergence of selfish and individualistic attitudes in children. This happens because the scolding behavior will also cause the child’s hard attitude.

If this is done continuously, the child will become a rebellious and violent person. His trust in his surroundings slowly disappears, so he becomes arrogant and indifferent to his surroundings,” said Arfiani and Rinna Rahmawati.

So, the impact of scolding a child can affect a child’s development into adulthood, yes, Mother. Stop the habit of scolding your child excessively so that your little one is mentally awake.

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