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5 Tips for Overcoming Babies Often Surprised at Sleep

Some babies often suddenly startle during sleep. This condition can make Mama feel worried. However, this condition is common in infants aged 0 to...
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Fever Seizures in Toddlers, Is It Dangerous?

It can be scary and distressing for you to see your child having a seizure, especially if it’s the first time your child has...
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Don’t Be Panic Mom! This Is First Aid When The Child Fainted

As a parent, who doesn’t feel panic when they see their baby fall unconscious. When this happens, many parents turn to other people to...
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4 Typical Symptoms of Typhoid in Children, Mom Need to Know

Mother certainly has done many ways so that the Little One is always healthy and protected from disease. However, everyone can fall ill, and...
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What Is The Right Age To Start School For Each Child

It’s that point of year again, once the noticeboard outside your native primary school is probably going to scan “Enrol your child for kindergarten/prep...
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Benefit Of Napping For Preschoolers To Learning

For many parents of young youngsters, the highlight of their day is nap time – not for them, except for their very little ones....
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How To Make School a Happy Place For Kids, Tips For Parents and Teachers

Across Africa – from African nation to Botswana, African nation to African country and lots of others – Jan marks the start of the...
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How Do You Know When Your Kid Is Ready For School?

The move from preschool to school is a frightening expertise for several kidren. A child’s success or failure in a verydapting to primary school...
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7 Best Books For Connecting With Your Preschooler Kid

A preschooler’s day could be a world of journey fuelled by an uncurbed imagination. Sparked by curiosity, they come into being to get something...
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