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Poor Sleep Quality Makes Children’s Growth Not Maximum

Every parent competes to give all the best for their children so that their development is perfect. Starting from providing nutritious food intake, involving...
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3 Reasons Why Children Need to Watch Age-appropriate, Parents Must Know

In addition to reading stories, watching movies with children is a way that parents can do to fill their spare time and also strengthen...
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Why Are a Lot of Folks Selecting to Delay Once Their Kid Starts School?

Many parents worry regarding once is that the right time for their child to begin school. Whereas some use their child’s individual characteristics to...
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Recognize Genetic Factors That Make Children’s Hair Curly or Straight

In this world there are various types of human hair. We usually distinguish it into two, namely curly hair or curls and straight hair....
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7 Reasons Playing Cellphones While Eating Turns Out to be Bad Habits

Eating time with the little one often makes Mom and Dad dizzy, not playing. It was very difficult for the children to sit still...
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Recognize 8 Types of Children’s Intelligence and Talents from an Early Age

Have you ever heard of the concept of multiple intelligences? Education expert from the United States, Professor Howard Gardner, showed that there are 8...
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6 Benefits of Chicken Feet for Toddler Growth

Who doesn’t like eating chicken? Surely the average person likes chicken that is processed in various dishes, even every Mom would like to cook...
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5 Bedtime Routines That Can Increase Bonding With Children

Children today tend to start moving away from their parents as they get older. One of the factors that underlie this, among others, is...
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7 Tips for a Safe and Comfortable Staycation at a Hotel with Children

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia has prevented many from doing many activities outside their homes. As a result, a lot of...
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