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7 Common Nail Diseases in Toddlers

Without realizing it, nails can reveal a lot about a child’s health. Infections caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, underlying conditions, and inherited diseases can...
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Don’t Always Be Accompanied, Your Little One Also Needs Me Time Mom!

Being a parent, will certainly make Mom want to always be close to the child, right? Not only always want to be close to...
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Is it Normal For Children to Be Afraid of Grass and How to Deal With it?

Have you ever taken your child to the park and he didn’t want to step on the grass when he was barefoot at all?...
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5 Important Parenting Tips for Children Under 5 Years Old

After being blessed with children, parents will continue to learn to provide good and appropriate parenting styles for their sons and daughters. However, for...
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How to Deal with Challenging Children?

Every parent has their own ideal picture of what their child will be like growing up. Likewise, almost all parents want their children to...
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Can Children Get Overdose of Vitamin C?

To support their growth and development, children need a complete and balanced nutritional intake. From food, children can get various nutrients that the body...
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7 Ways Dad Can Do to Be Close to Children

Usually, the relationship between children and their parents is identical to that of their mother. This is because Mom has more time at home...
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5 Ways to Educate Girls to Be More Independent

Providing care for children is something that parents must do. However, Mom and Dad also need to realize that children must be accustomed to...
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5 Simple Activities to Sharpen Children’s Future Skills

Since childhood, children already have interesting ideas and creativity that must be continuously honed. With this ability, children can build great skills for their...
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