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5 Tips for Answering Frequently Asked Questions by Children

At the age of toddlers, children usually have a high curiosity about many things. Not infrequently this makes your little one often ask different...
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7 Tips for Taking Care of Children Without the Help of a Babysitter

Being a parent is not easy. Because there are responsibilities that must be held and guarded from birth to adulthood. That’s why parents need...
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7 Photos of BTS Members When They Was Childs, Really Cute!

Through the 2022 BTS FESTA video which was uploaded on June 14, 2022 yesterday, BTS provided shocking news for fans regarding their activities as...
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5 Games Without Capital That Mom and Dad Can Try With Your Little One

Still in a work-from-home situation, grateful that Mom and Dad have long quality time with the little one. Gathering with Mom and Dad not...
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8 Tips for Maintaining the Mood of Toddlers to Prevent Tantrums

Toddler tantrums are a familiar situation to many parents. It is undeniable that this moment when a child has tantrums often makes parents overwhelmed,...
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6 Ways to Deal with Questioning Children

Toddlers who are already 2 years old are sometimes small talkers. Even though it’s not clear when they talk, they are toddlers’ curiosity is...
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Reasons Why Children Like To Be Fussy at Restaurants and How To Overcome It

Filling free time on weekends often makes parents spend time outside the home. Sometimes, Mom also wants to eat at a restaurant or cafe...
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Wooden vs Plastic Toys, Which is Better for Toddlers?

Toys are part of a toddler’s development, so you need to choose the right toy. But from the many toys out there, choosing the...
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How to Overcome Diarrhea in 1-Year-Old Children Without Taking Medicine

Diarrhea or diarrhea is a health problem that children quite often experience. This disease that attacks the digestive system is characterized by frequent bowel...
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