Answering Frequently Asked Questions by Children

5 Tips for Answering Frequently Asked Questions by Children

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At the age of toddlers, children usually have a high curiosity about many things. Not infrequently this makes your little one often ask different questions every day.

Although sometimes it makes Mom and Dad feel tired of answering questions, it should be understood that this is a child’s way to explore many new things around him, Mom.

In order not to answer wrongly, parents need to be more careful when answering questions that are often asked by children.

For that, here summarizes some things that need to be considered, Mom. Here are tips for answering children’s questions.

Use sentences that are easy for children to understand

Use sentences that are easy for children to understand

Filled with curiosity, children usually ask their parents a lot of things. Even so, that doesn’t mean they can easily understand all forms of sentences or words that are explained, Mom.

That’s why the way to answer children’s questions is to use simple sentences that are easy for them to understand. Make sure Mom and Dad don’t choose sentences or words that are too difficult, okay?

Take a pause to answer it

Before answering a child’s question, make sure Mom and Dad take a few moments to answer. Consider first whether the answers to children’s questions are appropriate and easy for them to understand or not.

The purpose of pausing is so that parents can think first to answer their child’s questions correctly. So that the children also get a good understanding of the questions.

Give an example for a better understanding

Continuing the previous tips, a child who is given an answer through words may not immediately understand it, Mom. For this reason, parents should provide examples of analogies that are easy for children to understand.

From this analogy, it will be easier for children to imagine the answer. So that the child’s curiosity raised to Mom and Dad can be answered.

For example, when a child asks why we should feed animals, then try to set an example in the child’s daily life. As explained as follows:

“The cats you take care of are also living creatures like us, they also need food to survive. Try it, if you don’t feed your sister, how will her life be? Likewise with the cat.”

Create a two-way discussion

At the age of growth and development that is filled with high curiosity, parents need to take the opportunity to maximize better growth and development.

Not just asking and answering, Mom and Dad must be able to create a two-way discussion with them. That way, later communication with your little one can run well.

In addition to answering children’s curiosity, this questioning activity can also help children in developing their communication skills. So that it can happen more optimally.

Hold Mom and Dad’s emotions

Filled with high curiosity, of course, there will be questions every day that children ask. Sometimes, parents who are too tired can get emotional and take it out on their children.

Instead of answering children’s questions, parents end up scolding their children. This is something we should avoid, Mom, Dad. Try to keep your emotions in check when your child keeps asking questions.

If parents are angry, this can actually stop their curiosity and make children reluctant to ask their parents again. As a result, communication with children becomes limited and can make children close to people.

As parents, of course, this is our responsibility to them. So, it is hoped that parents can better understand the position of children who are in the process of growing and developing.

After all, a phase like this won’t last long, Mom. If the child is older and begins to reduce communication with his parents, later Mom and Dad will actually miss all the chatter that the child used to suggest.

Keep the spirit and continue to support your little one’s growth and development so that it is more optimal, yes!

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