Activities to Sharpen Children's Future Skills

5 Simple Activities to Sharpen Children’s Future Skills

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Since childhood, children already have interesting ideas and creativity that must be continuously honed. With this ability, children can build great skills for their future.

However, not a few parents know the right way to build their children’s future skills. In fact, there are a variety of exciting activities that can train children’s skills to be needed in the future.

Can be done everyday at home, here summarizes some simple activities that can hone children’s future skills. Come on, try it!

1. Storytelling to practice discussion skills

Fun and simple activity that can be done everyday at home is storytelling. Either tell stories through the medium in the form of story books, or directly tell many things that children have never heard of before.

In this way, parents can help build discussion skills and build the courage of children to express opinions. Children who are used to having discussions and opinions will usually continue to learn and create new ideas later.

So that the following simple activities can be applied even since the child is still a baby. In addition to building children’s discussion and opinion skills, it can also help children understand new vocabulary every day.

2. Inviting children to carry out their roles at home

Even though they are still too young, children can also be taught to live their roles as children at home. For example, involving them to help take care of plants or pets at home, or even asking children to clean up their own toys when they are finished playing.

Through this activity, children will get used to living independently and having responsibility for their work. In addition, Mom can also invite children to do other activities from something that interests them. Starting from drawing, or other things that children like.

3. Invite children to join the community they like

Currently, there are many schools or communities for toddlers that can help children develop. Mom can also try it as an activity that can hone children’s communication and socialization skills.

Through this activity, children will be invited to participate in a group. Later, they will also get used to socializing with other people, practicing their work skills and learning to recognize the character of everyone they meet.

This one skill will certainly be needed by children in the future. Because children who are able to socialize well in the surrounding environment, of course it will be easier to place themselves in various situations.

4. Make daily gratitudes together

Every parent wants their child to grow up happy with positive emotions they feel. Well, one way that can be done is to invite children to always be grateful for what they get every day.

Mom can invite children to write a diary with a list of things that can make him happy. Even though they are still toddlers, they can’t fully write well, but try to help them ask what things make them happy that day.

If children are accustomed to doing this activity, there is research that proves that grateful children can grow up to be happier. That way, they are ready to live life when they grow up.

5. Play music or sing along

Launching from Healthline, there are studies that suggest that musicians usually have a better working memory than non-musicians. Even so, that doesn’t mean your child has to be a musician, really.

The point is that parents can hone their children’s intelligence through music from an early age. For example, by inviting children to play guitar together, or just singing while filling free time at home.

Through some of the simple activities above, parents can help and support their children’s future skills later. Come on, practice every child’s ability from an early age, Mom.

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