Ways Dad Can Do to Be Close to Children

7 Ways Dad Can Do to Be Close to Children

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Usually, the relationship between children and their parents is identical to that of their mother. This is because Mom has more time at home so that she is closer to the Little One.

In fact, the child’s relationship with the figure of Dad also needs attention. So, the portion of closeness between both parents and children is balanced. Children can also take many positive sides from both Mom and Dad.

However, Dad may be confused in finding ways to get their children close to them. For that, Thevolume.net provides a way that can be done to establish closeness with children. Come on, listen, Dad!

Taking time to joke together

1. Bathing the Little One

One simple way that Dad can do to establish a close relationship with his child is by bathing him. Dad can help the child when bathing in the morning or evening.

Invite children to bathe in a fun way. By bringing the child’s favorite toy or object so that bathing is fun, Dad.

2. Feeding children

Dad can also establish closeness with children by feeding the little one when eating. Children aged 1-3 years are usually still difficult to feed themselves. So Dad can help him.

Feed the kids food while taking them to play or watch their favorite show, Dad. Children’s eating activities will feel more fun and they can eat with gusto.

3. Help change diapers

At the age of toddlers, children are usually still wearing diapers or diapers. This is because the child is still difficult to urinate or defecate on his own in the toilet.

Dad can use the time when the diaper is full to strengthen the relationship with the baby. Diaper changing activities can be interspersed with small talk or singing together to make it more exciting for the child, Dad.

4. Taking time to joke together

Even though Dad may be tired of going out of the house for work, don’t let your little one not have quality time at home, OK? Try to keep Dad able to take time to joke with the child.

The presence of humor or comedy will bring laughter and joy in children. Dad can also be a comfortable parent figure. In addition, children will usually be more relaxed and open easily because they often joke with Dad.

5. Use the time before bed to tell stories

If Dad is a person who is busy working so he doesn’t have much time at home. You can, take advantage of the curfew or before bed to establish closeness with the baby.

Dad can invite your little one to talk about anything in the bedroom. Starting from children’s activities during the day at home, or vice versa. Tell stories and accompany the child to sleep.

This method will create a sense of comfort and security in the child. So, children can be closer, open, and do not hesitate to tell various things to their father.

6. Invite the children to play together

Playing with children is the simplest and most powerful way for Dad to apply to establish closeness. This is because children actually like to play.

So, accompany when the children play and make the best use of the time so that Dad is close to the Little One. Feel free to play with the kids, Dad.

Instead, children will feel happy when their parents want to accompany them. Moreover, if the game being played is something that the child likes. If there are difficulties while playing, Dad can also quickly help the child.

7. Doing worship with children

One other way that Dad should try to be close to his children is to worship together. Try to invite your little one to pray together.

Besides being able to establish closeness, worshiping together can also increase the gratitude and faith of the father and son. Interspersed also worship time by teaching religious values ​​that can be learned by the baby.

Those are 7 ways that Dad can apply in establishing closeness with children. Dad can start trying it at home right now, good luck!

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