is not about loudness

Abstract: The music is not just sequence of events, but an urge, which we can only pretend to be able to control. If the order becomes slightly more complicated than just a simple equation, the system tends to fall apart as more and more hidden inconsistencies unfold. We can think of them as of numerous scratches and holes on the surface of meticulously calculated chart - those anomalies is our material, we are standing on the surface of the chart and trying to hold on not to be buried under the pure chaos.

Tomek Chołoniewski, drums & percussion
Alexander Chikmakov, guitars
Denis Kolokol, electronics & voice

Long story short: theVolume appeared in 2006 in Almaty KZ, when Denis Kolokol and Alexander Chikmakov started to experiment with computer and acoustic guitar in order to find their own interpretation of improvised abstract music. In 2008 Denis Kolokol left for Kraków PL, and for 2 years the duo worked on distance. The focus of the band has slowly shifted to interactive stuff and algorithmic composition. In 2010 another member joined the band - Tomek Chołoniewski on drums and percussion. At the moment theVolume is a trio with more or less stable residence in Kraków.

The debut CD of the band is expected in 2011.




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